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a journey to amazon jungle with white girls

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a journey to amazon jungle with white girls

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Sign in. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! IMDb More. White Cannibal Queen Hide Spoilers. Sort by: Filter by Rating: Taylor Al Cliver and his family are attacked on their boat by a group of cannibals. Taylor is taken back to the village and barely survives, losing his young daughter and left arm!

When he finally comes to his senses, Taylor - with aid from his rich benefactors - mounts another journey into the jungle to rescue his daughter. Problem is that she is now married to the head of the jourrney and, most likely, hates her one- armed daddy. The cannibals are laughable one is spotted wearing a wedding band and look like they were grabbed in a Lowes parking lot not far off actually as Franco says they hired gypsies. Franco calls her the "most stupid" person he has ever worked with in the Blue Underground a journey to amazon jungle with white girls documentary.

He then stops himself short and says that he has worked with many dumb leading ladies and that she is up there in the top. He also has kind words for Cliver, saying he was professional and sober which "for a Latin person is a miracle. One thing is for sure though, you will be singing the "Oh, oh, oooooooh" cannibal theme over and over by the time the film is done. Was this review helpful? Sign in to vote. Coventry 15 August Take this rubbish for example!

But those were captivating and eventful films, whereas Franco's movie is extremely dull and stupid from start to finish. The supposedly relentless cannibals hop around with painted faces that make them look like clowns and most of them don't even look like South American natives. They're white! Whenever the cannibals attack someone, the screen swifts into a slow-motion compilation of dark and blurry images and it's nearly impossible to make out what's happening.

It looks as if the same pieces of flesh are repeatedly ripped from a female's stomach, and this goes on for entire minutes! An adventurous young couple and their 8-year-old daughter travel down the Amazonian river when they get attacked by a tribe of funnily face-painted savages. The wife gets eaten and the young girl abducted, but the father Fulci regular Al Cliver manages to escape with only the loss of one arm.

Years of intense psychiatric help later, he mobilizes an expedition team and re-enters the jungle to rescue his daughter. Does she even want to get out? The acting performances are lousy and the use of music is often completely inappropriate. There's too little gore and sleaze, so even the most tolerant Franco fans are likely to consider this as one of his lousiest accomplishments. Witchfinder-General wirh October Being a tirls fan of the prolific Spanish Exploitation deity Jess Franco, I always believe negative feedback to a Franco flick I haven't seen to be exaggerated.

It is undeniable that the man's impressive repertoire of about directed movies includes masterpieces as well as big-time stinkers and everything in-between. However, I do tend to enjoy even those Franco films that most people find awful. This is not the case ahite this film, however.

Right aazon the abysmal French "Terreur Cannibale" in which Franco was also woth"Mondo Cannibale" is the second-to-worst Cannibal film I have ever seen and it has replaced "Sadomania" in its rank as the worst Franco-flick I've seen.

This abysmal Franco flick is therefore often referred to as "Mondo Cannibale 3". For whatever reason, a scientist Al Cliver brings his ti and young daughter with him on an expedition deep in a jungle filled with hungry cannibals. His wife gets eaten, and he escapes without his daughter!

Years later, the scientist comes back for his daughter, along with a couple of bored rich people who don't believe in his story and are just there to have fun. The cannibals are in the meanwhile, http://mirandamustgo.info/nasty-blonde-shemale-barebacked.php the daughter who has blossomed into a beautiful bare-bosomed blonde as a 'white goddess' There is so much wrong gifls this film that I hardly know where to begin: The jungle is not a jungle.

It is a very neat assembly of palm-trees, probably somewhere in Spain or Southern France. It is so neat that the expedition is capable of going there in cars. Sometimes, one can even see Western buildings in the background. The 'savages'are entirely white guys. Some of them sport mustaches, sideburns and hip hair-cuts. Other wear watches or gold rings. Even a journey to amazon jungle with white girls they clearly hate 'whites' which is odd since they are white themselvesthe cannibals declare the white girl their goddess on sight.

The child, by the way, has brown hair, which magically becomes blond when she grows up. The main hero is apparently cowardly enough to leave his child daughter behind with a bunch junglf cannibals, but insanely brave enough to go back there after years, with two other men and three women to tp the entire cannibal tribe I could go on and on about the film's inconsistencies; however, the incredible logical errors are actually the most fun factor of the film.

Sadly, all the rest is very boring. The seemingly never-ending monotonous drum banging is a journey to amazon jungle with white girls as hell.

The Cannibal genre has many great Italian films to offer for anyone interested. The genre's only true masterpiece is Ruggero Deodato's "Cannibal Holocaust"but there are many other gruesome and disturbing ones eith watch, most notably Deodato's "Ultimo Mondo Cannibale" and all of Umberto Lenzi's Cannibal films. Jess Frano's take on the genre is a disaster. The budget was obviously tiny, but that's hardly an excuse, as Franco has proved on many occasions that he is perfectly capable of making great films on a jubgle budget.

This film is still awful and hard to нажмите чтобы прочитать больше through. Not even Franco's muse and real-life wife Lina Romay can save this. One to be avoided, unless you are writing a book on Jess Franco. Phroggy 15 February I think this movie is the same as rhe Franco Prosperi listed in the "Mondo Cannibale" listing.

It is indeed a Jesus Franco movie. And it is indeed badder-than-bad!!! If you a journey to amazon jungle with white girls bored, count the screenplay inconcinstensies. C-grade instalment in the ever popular cannibal catalogue, light years behind "Cannibal Holocaust" and not much closer to "Mangiati Vivi" or Cannibal Ferox".

The indomitable Al Cliver takes centre stage, playing an explorer whose pre-adolescent daughter is abducted by cannibals while on a voyage down the Amazon river. Years later he returns with photo journalists in toe in an attempt to locate and retrieve her, and discovers she has ascended to local deity status. At times incoherent, the rough editing, mediocre make-up and shoddy cinematography make a вот ссылка job even tougher, while trying to contend with whte puerile dubbing and overly intense acting.

There's the ubiquitous animal cruelty a giant butterfly sandwich anyone? Spanish horror maestro Jess Fake big boobs blonde shemale analyzed has apparently jumped on the cannibal franchise bandwagon, minus a cogent storyline, in на этой странице of some qmazon pay dirt. Lacking most of the fundamentals that make a professional film, it's barely credible as a movie a labour that may even bore the cannibal enthusiasts.

Aussi Stud: Thank you for this great review. There's some comments there, describing Mondo Cannibale as a boring movie. I agree. Certainly not a masterpiece in Jess Francos collection.

Don't bother, watch Cannibal Holocaust again instead. Professor Jeremy Taylor Al Cliver, of ZOMBI 2 famea specialist in tropical diseases, his wife Elisabeth Pamela Stanfordtheir young daughter Lana Anouchka and some other guy are enjoying a relaxing trip on their yacht when they're attacked by a cannibal tribe. Mom is immediately killed and eaten these cannibals apparently don't bother cooking http://mirandamustgo.info/ladyboys-play-with-their-dicks-in-threesome-until-they-come.php meatthe other guy is speared in the back and the good professor is clubbed unconscious, dragged back to the cannibal village and has his arm chopped off, but manages to escape into the jungle, is found by some hunters and rushed off to a hospital.

As for little Lana, she's also located by the tribe and brought back to the village. Instead of eating her, they decide to start worshiping her. I'm not really sure, but I'm presuming it's because of the luxurious bleach blonde hair the brown-haired child miraculously manages to sprout later on in the film.

Many years after the attack, Jeremy finally recovers from a long bout of temporary amnesia with help from his loyal nurse Ana Lina Romay and decides to organize a safari into the jungle to try to locate his now-grown daughter Sabrina Siani. They, along with wealthy skeptic Charles Fenton Olivier Mathot girlss, pampered Barbara Shelton Shirley Knight and half a dozen other nondescript men and women, then venture into the jungle and tk a journey to amazon jungle with white girls getting picked off one by one.

Though most of the cast are done away with by poison arrow or spear, there are three cannibalism scenes whhite all of them involving topless women and all of them going on for what seems like an eternity Trying to come up with a list of all the areas where this fails would far exceed the word limit allowed here, but where it's most inadequate is in the believability department. Some of the best cannibal movies work because they were actually filmed in tropical locales and managed to establish a sense of complete isolation far removed from "civilized" man.

Here, the "jungle" looks like some kind of country club where the native vegetation and surroundings are just all wrong. It's hard a journey to amazon jungle with white girls believe a cannibal tribe could thrive when there are a journey to amazon jungle with white girls houses with paved sidewalks a hop, skip and a jump away.

During one hilarious scene, a couple of cannibals are even seen running down what appears to be a paved road! Speaking of the cannibals, they aren't the least bit believable either.

The shyer members of the tribe have also somehow managed to acquire some bikini briefs to wear under their loincloths. Siani gets her own specially made thong loincloth, though. I guess they felt she was special since she's just one of two women shown to be in the tribe. Enjoyable Cannibal Eurotrash!

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