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A spreader bar

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Keep your plaything in place and spread them wide with this sexy spreader bar. Made of durable steel, it has a wide range of adjustability. This bar has eyebolts securely attached to each end. Wrist and ankle cuffs can be attached to the bar as you desire, making it not only a vital accessory to your bondage play, but a warm welcome to any devious collection. Adjusts from 23 to 35 inches in length. It spreads my legs, my knees and my arms. It assists in my bondage, my openness and my sexual pleasure. A spreader bar is a piece of bondage equipment. It can be made out of wood or metal and has attachment-points for cuffs. A spreader bar is an article of bondage equipment consisting of a metal or wooden bar, with attachment points for bondage cuffs at each end, which can be. Apr 3, - Spreader Bars the Hot New Kink. Whether you love or hate the Fifty Shades series, one thing is undeniable – the worldwide phenomenon has.

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Fifty Shades Darker hits theaters today, giving the world another glimpse into the sexy, sexy lives of Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey. By now, you probably A spreader bar the gist of the steamy book turned movie series: Just like the first movie, the second movie is full of saucy sex scenes give the people what A spreader bar want, right?

There's shower sex, spanking, and even a little elevator foreplay. But the one sex scene that might have you doing A spreader bar double take spoiler alert!

What does a spreader bar do, you ask? Basically, it's an adjustable metal rod with two cuffs on each end. The gist is you strap the cuffs to a person's ankles, extend the metal rod to a reasonable length—and then the person can't close their legs during a hot hookup. BDSM is often about dominance and submissionso the submissive нажмите чтобы перейти be the как сообщается здесь strapped in.

In the Fifty Shades Darker book and movie, Christian hooks Anastasia's ankles up to the spreader bar. Here's how the scene plays out in the literary masterpiece, from Anastasia's perspective:. Because I can't close my legs, or move, it's intense, really intense. My back arches as I try to absorb the sensations. A quick search on Amazon that will forever change my "Because you were interested in As far as safety concerns, Ligon says a spreader bar is pretty safe.

The one thing to look out for: And make sure the activity is consensual, of course. Consent is key in BDSMand consenting to "give up control," so to speak, can actually bring couples closer together. In the movie, Christian literally flips Anastasia over with the sex toy—something you probably don't want to try at home.

Dornan told Entertainment Weekly that filming with the spreader bar actually proved to be difficult. But the book Christian Grey is all about the A spreader bar. As the great E.

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Love February 10, By Haley Goldberg. Share via facebook dialog. Share via Twitter. Share via Pinterest. Universal Pictures; Amazon. Here's how the scene plays out in the literary masterpiece, from Anastasia's perspective: Keywords newsfifty shades darkersex toysfifty shades of grey.

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