Actual incest

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No Galleries Found. I confess I want to fuck my 2nd actual incest and she wants to fuck me. I wrote out this long boring ass story sob story explaining our lives but realized you all wouldnt give a fuck. We're flirting. We've discussed fucking but decided it would be actual incest but the other night we got on a good drunk and made out. Im bound by morals and so is she. Where I'm from incest isn't exactly unheard of but MY direct family would probably disown me. I swear though this girl. This isn't just some fling someone I just want to get my dick into.

She's more. I've never related to a person on this level. I never thought I'd even be considering it. But it's like finding the perfect person but it's just too taboo to have it and it drives me nuts. I know this is probably a terrible place to find actual advice but on a serious note what would you do. Put yourself in my shoes.

Is a moral dilemma passing up something that could be great? Also I probably should mention I met her about 6 months ago. It's not like I was raised around her I didnt even know she existed until then. We started talking online one day and we just hit it off. She's also beautiful. But to keep this private I need to keep pictures off limits I'm sorry.

I'll describe her if you'd like. Finally it is up! After much trouble, I was finally able to get my video actually 2 that I edited together of my first time doing incest off my crashed hard drive, and reformatted to on here. My best friend a fellow sex fiend was chilling at my house when he told me that my cousin was using him as a booty call and wanted to get some that night and asked if I would be cool with them doing it there.

I said hell yeah and being the weirdo I am asked if he had pictures of her. He showed me the picture that is attached. We were on my bed watching a movie when she showed up. She jumped in the bed with bobby and I. After a few minutes I could tell she was uncomfortable nothing happened yet and asked actual incest if she wanted me to step out or leave the house completely or what? She said she felt weird already because I knew and that they would be doing it in my bed.

I said not to worry, and if she really wanted it to get weird, I could record it with my camera, causing her to laugh and lighten the mood. At that same time I saw her phone sitting there and grabbed it and started to look through it. She said quickly to be careful because there are pix of her in there. I said ok and she could tell I was already there looking at pix of her, as she took a breath as to say something, before she could I told her that bobby had already shown me the picture of her that she sent him.

With reservation in her voice asked me if I liked it.

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At this point I was hard as a rock and said yes, very much. And asked her if she wanted to see how much I liked it.? After a few seconds pause, she hesitantly said "sure". I pulled my dick out causing her to gasp at the size.

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She was in between us on the bed with them spooning and I was sitting up. I grabbed her hand and put it on my cock and looked at bobby, giving him the que to get started. He responded by starting to kiss on her ear and playing with her on the outside of her pants.

I then rolled to face them and put my hand on the back of her head to hint her as to what I wanted. Following right along she re-position herself pushing her ass into bobby pelvis and started sucking my dick. After a few minutes I got irritated that bobby was moving uncharacteristically slow and hadn't even unbuttoned her pants yet.

So I got up, grabbed her legs and pulled her around sliding her on her back so I could remove her shorts and panties. Bobby was on his back and finally manged to pull his dick out for her to suck while I fucked her. Once I saw he was ready I laid on my back so she could in turn blow me while he fucked her doggy.

It wasn't but a few minutes into that, and bobby pulled out to bust his nut onto a pc of clothing that was on the bed. She then actual incest on top of me. Bobby passed the hell out and we fucked for at least another 3 hours until I mentioned that I wanted to record it. She said ok and I grabbed the camera. Whats great actual incest this video is not only was I able to capture my first time committing incest on camera but you can also see bobby asleep in the background and it end with an accidental anal!

Due to the position we were in and actual incest fact that we were both soaking wet in sweat, that when it slipped out, it slipped right in her ass like nothing! I edited both the vids together and threw in some effects to elongate some of the parts I liked for my own masturbation pleasures, and now I can share Is it actually illegal to commit incest between adults?

I've noticed you never see legitimate incest porn made in USA. It's not as if there is a lack of interest. Also, if it is illegal, at what point does it cross the line? Does twin sisters topless kissing each other break laws? I'm sure there are plenty of relatives that would be willing to fool around on camera so what's the holdup?

I guess this is the story of how I ended up fucking my cousin. Ive always been into incest but never knew a way to get the idea out into my female family. I lived right next door to my cousin and one day on the way home from work i just started texting my younger cousin Rose. We started just talking and I got her to confess some secrets about doing drugs and fooling around with guys. Being so young I was pretty shocked to hear it but it wasnt all that bad.

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Then I told her i had a dream that me and her kissed and she told me that she wondered what that would be like. I then replied " well i always found you pretty hot" she replied with " really no way!

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I always thought you were" haha I would go visit and we would just watch each other and make deep eye contact. Then one night I said I was gonna go for a drive and some a few ts and if she wanted to pretend she was going to her friends for the night and she could actually just chill with actual incest She said she would love that! Actual incest got my aunt to believe her and then all i had to do was wait. It was nerve wracking because we lived right next door and I had to sit in my car and wait for her and make sure noone saw her getting into my car.

She finally got in sneakily and we drove off. Smoked a few and got wicked high. I couldnt believe i had my cousin in my car and actually making out with her. She hopped over my car console and was on top of me now. I then reclined the seat and she pulled her knees up on my shoulders and i started eating her out.

I couldnt believe it. We planned on doing it again soon after that and we only did 3 more times. Had to sneak her into my room through my bedroom window. I had no lock on my door so we had to sneak her in and then wait for everyone to go to sleep before we could fuck so noone would walk in. I made her cum so good. She would sit on my face and i would eat her out and she would ride my finger as it was in her ass and grind my face.

Best head ive ever had and best pussy to pound. Id make her cum times each time we fucked and she would always want more. She would even "bring me medicine" and i would smoke her out and quickly pound her pussy. We never got caught but I did get caught being into Incest on the computer and was forced to move out.

Okay so a few nights ago I was on omegle video chat and have my interest as incest, not showing my face just my cock.

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After some conversations with some guys about who we're actual incest and that I came across a girl, who looked like my cousin that I'm so into, at first I thought it was just a chick who looks like my cousin but it was actually her! My dick was rock hard knowing she was looking at it, I stroked it slowly and tried to play it cool askin her who's she into what she likes about incest and all the basics, she said there's not really anyone shes into she just loves the thought of incest and gets majorly turned on when thinking about it!

She asked me and I told her I was into one of my female cousins which is obviously her but she doesn't know it. Anyway we're talking about me trying something with my cousin, and she starts playing with her boobs clearly getting horny which was getting me more horny! I asked her if she would strip and me masturbating, she looks out her door closes it says no one in and strips naked! I cant believe what's happening on my screen my cousin who I have wanted to fuck for years is stripping on cam to me! I started to masutrbate more an she sits down in front of her cam fingering herself while I masutrbate.

There's no typing for a while as we enjoy watching each other pleasure ourselves, she then sits up slightly and asks ifi could tell her what I would actual incest to her if she was my cousin! So I began saying all the fantises I've had about her over the years, about how I would go over to her house with my family for Sunday dinner and we both sneak off after dinner for a quickie in the bathroom, how we would stay at each other houses as cousins do and I start to fondle her in her sleep she wakes and s in fondling me.

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During me typing this while slowly stroking my hard cock I can see she's. Clearly enjoying what I would do to her as she's really actual incest at it moaning in pleasure. I go back to masutrbating with her after a while I cum and soon on she finishes off with an orgasmic scream.

We talk for a while after and she gives me her already have it she says she wants to keep talking to me and cam on msn. I've set up another address to talk to her on and start our conversation again and try see if she would ever do anything with a family member, I could be in with a chance hopefully! Can someone please tell me why every 3rd video has a stupid fucking incest caption? I have absolutely nothing against incest based porn, but if you label it incest it needs to BE incest, not some random skank and her dick of the week. At MOST 1 out videos labeled incest or "brother fucks sister, dad fucks daughter etc" is actually legit, the rest is pure bullshit, just two random ass people fucking that aren't even kind of related.

I confess : I do not see how incest harms anyone. I seen a gallery on here called "interesting family" and that family looked perfectly happy and normal. I actually envy how close that family appeared to be. Royalty do it all the time, why is it a big deal now? Maybe religion is the cause. Dunno what to call you guys, but whatever, I need help. My girlfriend has a younger sister that's pretty fucking hot.

I'd pursue her but I really like the girl I'm with now and so I don't wanna break it off just to have a fun time fucking her sister. Here's the kink, well, it's mostly my doing Her sister, we'll call her Celeste because it's close to incest has some fucking amazing tits, I noticed this, basically from the first time I met her. Well, I would bring Celeste casually like I was actual incest to make a comparison but then I would say, "well, actually I can't cause I've never really looked Her hair, face, outfit, absolutely anything.

Eventually my girlfriend, call her Megan, was like "well, next time we're around each other just look at her -insert whatever here.

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Prime example, Megan and I were talking about her tits, she wants a reduction, I say fuck no. These were her exact words, "well, next time we're all out, look at Celeste's boobs she doesn't like the word titsthey're completely natural.

Actual incest

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