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Many girls, especially in the teenage years, worry about their weight. This statement is based on sound, scientific research, and with the non-stop digital stream promoting images of stick-thin models, it is hardly surprising. Shockingly, the study found that the following feelings and behaviors were common in girls at just 13 years old: Interestingly, for these young people, concerns about weight and size, binge eating and weight control behaviors, such as avoiding fatty foods and dieting, actually predicted a higher Body Mass Index BMI two years later.

Could these early preoccupations with body image and weight be an early predictor for obesity and an endless round of yo-yo dieting and weight gain in adulthood? What is the Average weight for Girls? These Growth Chart for girls show the average weight for girls according to their age. The aim of this post is to show girls the average weight using realistic and scientific information.

This weight chart should serve to reassure both parents and girls alike. Most parents will be familiar with percentiles from monitoring your babies height and weight chart, head circumference and baby length measurements during the first year from that new baby birth weight. The red lines show the percentiles.

The thick red line in the middle of the weight chart is the 50 th percentile. From the chart above, it is showing about 73 pounds. Girls weight charts according to ethnicity. To get an accurate reading to see how you or your child compare to others, then race and ethnicity need to be taken into consideration.

However, as we have seen inaccurate perceptions of weight and body image can lead to an increased risk of obesity in later life so it is important to compare with girls of the same race and ethnicity. Tricky question. Firstly you will need to find out what percentile your child is according to the height charts.

Below you will find the average height for girls charts: Visit the girls height chart for white ethnicity. Five foot six inches tall is about 66 inches. Step 2. Next, return to the Weight chart on this page and follow Age 16 up to the 70 th percentile, then across to the weight as shown in the chart below. You will see that the result is about pounds. Too hard for me. Have you got an easier way Doc? Of course. So, let me explain: Charts, charts and more charts.

From our charts your daughter should be around 16 kg or around 32 pounds. If she it at the 50 th percentile for weight then she is around 14 kg or 30 pounds. This is nothing to worry about at all. As we have seen she is around average weight for her age, with half the girl population been lighter and half heavier. These height weight charts are a useful indicator to how your child compares to others of the same age and ethnicity. However, specific figures or trying to reach targets are not something to aspire to.

The height and weight charts are more for health experts to see the general growth pattern for your child. Some children will have a rapid growth spurt after the age of three whilst others may have a catch-up growth spurt much later. My 11 year old daughter already weighs 60 kg and is only cm tall. What can we do? Even though the CDC charts do tend to over-exaggerate how many people are overweight, I have worked out that the BMI of your daughter is Waist circumference measurements , even in children, can also be a good indicator of overall health and highlight health risks for the future.

This is not a healthy weight range for your daughter and you all, as a family, will need to think of some lifestyle changes. Children, with the constant addiction to screen-time do not get as much physical activity as years ago. I would start some healthy, regular exercise time for all the family such as swimming, cycling, walking etc. Cut out sugared drinks and sodas and introduce a healthy eating plan with plenty of fresh fruit, lean meats and vegetables.

Take a look at the Mediterranean diet or the Dash diet for healthy ways of eating. End of page Navigation links: Also in: Body Weight.

Girls growth chart and average weight for girls

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