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Ball Breaking Girls porn videos. Vannah S. Big ass compeer' duddy's step sister in shower The Blue Balled. Spring break party escalated into a threesome fuck. Ball pit orgy with beautiful Euro girls. Ball Breaking Girls, free sex video. This menu's updates are based on your activity. The data is only saved locally (on your computer) and never transferred to us. Ball Breaking Girls Ball breaking Girls. Part 1. Rachel was a beautiful young woman. Long brown hair, big green eyes and a curvy figure. She was 27 years old and in great shape. She had long beautiful legs that she loved to show off and had pale white skin. Normally .

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Wow I just found your blog and your captions and everything is incredible. You have a very uniquely sadistic writing style. I am captivated and am very excited to read more of your story and see more of your captions.

I am very excited that I found your blog. You have written a very exciting story indeed. I hope you continue to write as I am very excited to ride this exciting train to see all of the great sites. A very entertaining and well done story.

I love how truly sadistic Rachel is and I am so glad that you are so generous as to share such a great story with us. I am excited to read the other parts to your story. Thanks so much!!! Wednesday, 10 December Ball Breaking Girls. Ball breaking Girls. Rachel was a beautiful young woman. Long brown hair, big green eyes and a curvy figure. She was 27 years old and in great shape. She had long beautiful legs that she loved to show off and had pale white skin.

Normally she would be in less of a rush but today she had an appointment. She quickly pulled up her mini skirt and finished off her hair as she did not want to be late. She was meeting Nicole for lunch and was running out of time. In a rushing fashion she pulled a black tube top over her ample breasts then instinctively adjusted her bra.

Next she tightened the straps on her platform heels then briefly glanced at her appearance in the full length mirror in her bedroom. All looked well so she grabbed her handbag and rushed for the front door. She glanced around the room then saw Nicole. Nicole was 29 years old with a similarly curvy figure as Rachel. But Nicole had long strait Nordic blond hair with blue eyes.

She was also wearing a short skirt that showed off her developed thigh muscles. There eyes met and Nicole gestured for Rachel to come over. We have just both been super busy. We'll they have promoted me to HR and assigned be the role of Male discipline coordinator. Have you preform many punishments yet? O and tell me about how you do it.

Rachel was glad Nicole approved and could not stop smiling as he told her friend. I have cleared it out and at one side attached some restraints. I have two points on the ground so I can secure my victim with his legs widely spread. Then I have a hook in the ceiling with a rope to attach his hands. The rope connects to a pulley so I can pull his body tight limiting movement. You know some companies are still a bit reluctant to adopt it even though it has been 3 years since it has officially been made legal.

They just need to see that society is better now. After women took over power and changed all the rules things are better. You know crime is down 60 percent from 3 years ago 60 percent! We just have to promote ballbusting and it sounds like you did at your work. Rachel blushed even more on hearing that. She used her fingers to move her hair behind her ear and re connected eye contact with Nicole before saying.

He is sentenced to feel 40 full force kicks to the testicles with platform heels. Then if he is late again that month the punishment in increased to 50 kicks with the heels.

They agreed the heels were a great way to maximise damage to the testicles so most punishments will be involve them. Again with heels and at full force. This is exactly what you wanted. At that moment a shy waiter walked over and asked what drinks they would like.

He had overheard them and was terrified of upsetting the girls in any way. The girls both ordered coffee then he quickly made his exit. Rachel looks hesitantly at Nicole and spoke. You see I have done ballbusting and I am pretty good at it but I have never castrated a man. I would love to see it done and was hoping you would let me come down to the police station to watch you do it.

I told my manager I would learn quickly because they want to start castration punishments in a few months. They also want me to be able to prolong a victims suffering and destroy the balls slowly.

There is a big emphasis on causing high pain while drawing out the punishment. I would be very grateful if you could help me. I usually do at least two or three castrations a week using various methods. I have one scheduled for You can sit in the observation room and watch the whole thing. The two girls drank their coffees and discussed their favourite hobby for a time until Rachel's phone beeped. Rachel grabbed her handbag and hastily waked out of the coffee shop.

Rachel briskly walked though reception waving at the receptionist. She then went strait to the elevators and stepped into one. Just as the doors were closing a hand stopped them then a young man in a blue shirt and and black trousers stepped in. Rachel knew him from the Christmas party. He looked down and his eye widened when he saw her black platform heels. She tilted her heels to the side and looked down at them. They are very hard at the front and have plenty of weight to them. This is all designed to cause as much damage as possible to your testicles with every kick.

So your balls will be in pretty bad shape when we are finished. O' and on my way here I got a text from your boss.

She would like for me to stand on your testicles after the kicks. Dave looked shocked He initially wanted to object but he stopped himself. He knew that would be a bad idea. That sounds like a lot of pain. Rachel looked at him reassuringly. It's ok if you beg or even cry, I wont tell anyone. Even with the crushing you are actually getting off lightly. You should be very grateful. Dave thought for a moment and as the lift doors opened he said. I am grateful the punishment is not more severe.

I am sorry if I seamed hesitant before but I am grateful and agree I deserve to be punished. She put down her hand back and pointed to the restrains on the wall. Dave nodded and walked over. He quietly took off all his clothes and put them on a chair against the side wall. He then stepped back against the back wall ready to be restrained.

Rachel was surprised by his body. He was pretty good looking, the clothes he wears to the office did not do him justice.

She also admire his genitals. His penis was a good size and his testicles were big and hung nicely in the sack. She continued to stare as she tied the restraints around his feet. Once both feet were in place his heart rate increase as he felt how vulnerable his balls were. She then applied the straps around his hands and stepped back. She then wound a crank on the wall that pulled on the rope attached to his hands up.

She did this until his body was pulled tight. Dave really felt scared now. He could not move and with his legs this wide he was in a perilous spot.


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    Wow I just found your blog and your captions and everything is incredible.

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    Another amazing part продолжить your story. I love that the torture is very sadistic but the victims are very accepting of the torture.

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