Batman V Superman Gay Parody Part 2 COMPLETO 2019

Batman V Superman Gay Parody Part 2 COMPLETO

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March 17,Geek NewsPictures Gau comments. Who is playing who? I have no fracking clue yet! What do the costumes look like? Again, I have no idea. Is it a muli-part? I hope so, but it could just be a one time scene. As COMPLETOO anything Parod released, such as a trailer, I promise that I will be posting immediately!

Some past Men. Which was unfortunately just a one time scene with retired porn performer Liam Magnuson. We could have had the introduction of Diggle and Red Arrow and maybe Merlyn later down the line. Unfortunately it never happened after this one scene was released. They have been incredibly creative with the costuming, background and the characters being used. I am patiently waiting for ссылка на страницу 3 to start up.

Again, the effects, the costumes, and the characters were very читать больше on. Not to mention that I finally got to see one of страница favorite heroes of all cinematic history, Han Solo, finally get together with Luke Skywalker.

The recently ended Apocalypse series was based somewhat on Mad Max, and for the budget that Men. This gives me high hopes for Batman v. Besides the fact увидеть больше this is a sci-fi porn, it is also a superhero porn. Even if it is just for one scene, I will definitely take it!

There have been superhero porns done in the past but most have been done by other companies. And Перейти на страницу am sad to say, are many of them are high quality.

I do not want to knock company in their endeavors. I do give praise for the attempts that have been done in the past. Superheroes have been sorely over looked in the porn world, despite the huge fetish that exists among fans. I will relay more information on Men. I have to admit I watched the star wars one the other day. It was fun and sexy. I imagine this has to have you hard and excited.

Btw did you see their batman poster? I hope when you review it you were one of your robin costumes. Follow Me! Hulkling and Wiccan, one of the best couples in comic book history.

Katsucon is one of those conventions. The idea is to be inclusive to all different types of costuming, which includes anime, Paeody, superheroes, and combos of the bunch. Generally this a lot of fun to…. View On WordPress. Shut up and take my money! I must have this figure in my life! I some other pics pop Supermn that others took. Hulkling and Wiccan baby! Doing a Hulking today.

Robin and Superboy checking жмите сюда for Katsucon These aliens from the planet Exxor are trying to fit in at a new high school and be a part of the Justice League. Written by Mark Russell and drawn by Stephen Byrne. Check out my…. How tall am I? Sometimes even Spider-Man needs help.

Maybe his clone can lend a hand? Clone life. Hot Geeks. Sexy Male Costumers. Superhero Underwear Party Dragon Con. Brizy Comics Art. Websites cost a lot to maintain. Men at Play. Justice League XXX.

Pirates XXX. Hot House. Colby Knox. Raging Stallion. Lucas Entertainment. Star Wars XXX. Falcon Studios. Sean Class Comics. Batman v. Share this: Like this: Like Loading Related Posts: NSFW March 19, at 6: March 18, Batman V Superman Gay Parody Part 2 COMPLETO 4: March 18, at 3: March 17, at 7: March 17, at 4: What are your thoughts?

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