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Celebrity Wrestling Federation (CWF) - PPV 16 Recaps

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Login Register Search. Home Help Chat 31 Login Register. Taylor Hawkins God Member Readers be prepared for the nastiest, most vile, most violent fights the CWF has ever seen!!

Read the recaps at your own peril. If you're unfamiliar with this style of match - there are no rules inside the ring, but there are even less outside it. Roided, muscled, frothing lumberjacks interspersed among the biggest names in the CWF. The loser is subject unspeakable punishment and humiliation outside the ring as she's delivered right into the waiting arms of the fighters lining the ring. Whether it's fucking, further demolishing, or both, the loser of the match will never forget what happens AFTER the bell.

Massive, massive thanks to jdo and fasteddy for the incredible contributions!!! I hope everyone enjoys PPV http: Orlando, Florida Kat Dennings Age: The two buxom beauties stood opposite one another, each of their heaving bosoms recently freed as the scrapped remnants of their bikini tops littered the canvas at their feet.

It was McKinney however, who appeared to be visibly damaged. The broken down blonde was leaking a crimson trail behind her as she tucked her tail between her legs and retreated from an invigorated Dennings; whimpering as she gingerly pawed at her forehead and dabbed blood from her golden locks.

A thunderous elbow from the voluptuous brunette had cut Charlotte's temple, and it seemed that the emotional distress that accompanied the sight of her own blood, no matter how little, had sent McKinney into a tailspin. Unfortunately for Charlotte, there was minimal floor space to run, and nowhere to hide.

A scatter-brained McKinney managed to dart right into the extending reach of another pair of stacked Jills; Brooklyn Decker and Scarlett Johansson. With wry smiles at having finally nabbed one of the two competitors, the diabolical blondes slung Charlotte against the turnbuckle and quickly arrested her wrists behind her back.

Charlotte's overflowing breasts fleshily teardropped toward the mat, wildly sloshing as she squirmed for freedom with little success. The resilient blonde put on a brave face as Dennings lurked across the ring, proudly bowing her prize-winning chest as Kat took her mark.

The blonde's bite immediately faded to a purr as Kat reared back and unleashed a cutting open-handed slap to Charlotte's bare bosom, pinching her eyes shut and hoarsely mewling as she slumped to a crouch. At their own volition, Kat's willing assistants straightened Charlotte right back up before each tugged a drawstring of McKinney's string bottoms.

The sweat-soaked material briefly stuck and lingered between the blonde's thighs before fluttering to the mat, revealing the blonde's glistening, bronzed cxnt. Charlotte reflexively pinched her thighs together while still reeling, wanting nothing more than to melt to the canvas but unable to do so thanks to her shackles.

Only when Dennings seized control of the disheveled blonde by the scalp did Decker and Johansson release their restraints. Charlotte meekly whimpered as Kat took hold of two sweat and blood-soaked clumps of hair before walking the blonde toward the center of the ring. McKinney's taller frame dejectedly slumped to chest height as she slogged behind, doing the brunette's work for her as Kat then tucked her head between her split thighs. The brunette seductively traced the delicate curve of Charlotte's hunched spine, cupping her upturned ass with both palms and giving her plump behind a squishy jiggle.

As the blonde instinctively chicken-winged her arms to her sides, Kat alertly scooped the crooks of her elbows and forcefully hoisted Charlotte completely upright. Charlotte let out an aghast squeal as her 5'7 frame stiffened completely upside down, pausing only long enough to release a shrill yip before Dennings flattened her dangling F-cups with a horrifying Implant Buster. The blonde trampolined off the springy canvas with a nauseating clap of flesh, her limbs floundering before sliding flat against the mat, twitching ever-so-slightly as a satisfied Kat hunched over her motionless frame.

Charlotte's enormous tits spilled out the sides of her face-down frame, mushrooming against the blood-stained canvas before Kat finally rolled her over for the pin. Charlotte limply sloshed to her back, her bosom still quaking in convulsions as Kat gently cradled one of the blonde's stems and drew it up to her chest for the 3-count. Charlotte let out a throaty bark as her skull was suddenly palmed like a basketball by one of the Lumberjacks; weightlessly lifting her frame upright before slinking his rippling arm like a boa around her throat.

McKinney's already flushed cheeks turned bright red as her mouth breathlessly dropped agape, her aquamarine peepers bulging as she desperately sucked for oxygen. Finally the second silhouette was unveiled to a gurgling McKinney as the bulletproof, indomitable Champion of the CWF, Kate Upton, stepped chest-to-chest with the buxom blonde. Charlotte's eyes stretched wider, hoarsely moaning as Kate scooped up one of her limber gams under the knee and arched McKinney's ankle over her shoulder into the splits.

The blonde's long, smokey eyelashes fluttered as the bearish Lumberjack tightened his suffocating Standing Sleeperhold, helplessly wheezing as Kate mushroomed her own fleshy pair against Charlotte's dangling bosom. Without warning Charlotte's frame stiffened, spasming as Kate ruthlessly thrust a thigh-splitting dildo between the blonde's spread lips.

Charlotte raspily mewled as Kate began aggressively fucking the dazed blonde, her body awkwardly folded and pinned between Kate's and the Lumberjack's as she hung limply from the muscled noose. The blonde's pendulous tits sloshed back and forth as Kate worked into a rhythmic cadence, penetrating the fading McKinney deeper and deeper with each pump as Charlotte neared an explosive climax.

Suddenly out of nowhere, a dark-haired shadow dipped under the ropes and flashed across the ring, hooking Upton around the neck and hammering her face-first into the mat with a thunderous Running Bulldog. The chesty Champion's golden locks jounced through the air as her skull trampolined off the canvas, sliding spread eagle on her belly completely unconscious as the entire arena looked on in stunned silence.

Only once the dust had settled could a panting Daddario be identified at Kate's hip, looking down at the convulsing blonde with a remorseless smirk painted across her face. Champion" across Upton's jiggling cheeks". Reading, Pennsylvania Miley Cyrus Age: The style seemed to favor the heel early, as the ringside agitators fed off Swift's jitters, clawing at Taylor any time she involuntarily neared the ropes and verbally accosting her throughout.

Miley on the other hand, appeared to be fueled by the stakes. The lanky blonde refused to use her height to her advantage, sticking to close-quarters combat with a scrappy Cyrus in hopes of avoiding the frothing attackers along the ropes, even if it was to her detriment.

Taylor defensively locked fingers with a receptive Miley as the two came together, attemping to overpower the smaller singer and churn toward the extending palms grovelling at her backside. Suddenly it was if all the air had been sucked from Swift's sails, letting out a breathless grunt as Miley drifted half a step back and impaled Tay's slender waistline with a penetrating knee. Swift's milky backside jut toward the far ringpost, her jet black, high-waisted bottoms wedging between her cheeks as she did all she could to avoid dropping to both knees.

But Cyrus was relentless. A stream of drool sloshed from Swift's parting lips as she nearly kissed the canvas, her lanky frame buckled at the waist as she involuntarily veered into Miley's midsection. Miley mercilessly tugged the blonde's head up by the ponytail, Taylor's brilliant sapphire eyes vacant as her neck was craned upwards.

With a shrill shriek, Cyrus launched her thigh into Taylor's hanging jaw, her skull sickeningly snapping backwards as an explosion of sweat and blood misted across the canvas.

Swift crashed into the ropes completely debilitated, her lanky arms draping over the top rope as she unwittingly remained upright, though she had plenty of help from behind. The two singers came well prepared, much like the other Jills lining the apron, strapped with enormous, ribbed dildos around their waists. Fortunately or unfortunately for Swift, now wasn't quite the time for those. Instead, Perry and Minaj arrested each of Taylor's limp wrists and stretched her neverending frame to its full wingspan, allowing one of the burly Lumberjacks to take the lead.

With a single tug on the neckline of Taylor's spandex bra, the material frayed straight up the middle, allowing her diminutive breasts to spill free much to the delight of the thousands looking on.

A nearly unresponsive, gurgling Swift let out a mortified squeal as the mindless Lumberjack boorishly palmed her fleshy tits from behind and wrenched her delicate B-cups upwards. The grizzled Lumberjack obediently removed his hands from Swift's chest as Miley's voice sternly boomed from across the ring, instead violently wrenching Tay's head backwards by the ponytail.

Taylor's topless frame wilted as her shoulder blades arched over the top rope, spreading into a crucifix position thanks to Miley's two helpers maintaining control over her wrists.

The formerly exuberant blonde was all business as she approached a restrained Swift, delicately running her fingers over the quivering, bare flesh of her pinned plaything. It would normally be near-impossible for a significantly shorter fighter like Cyrus to manipulate the gangly limbs of someone like Swift, but tonight she had extra sets of hands at her disposal.

With the help of a muscled Lumberjack, Miley scooped up the backs of Taylor's legs and balanced the blonde's milky thighs on her shoulders, athletically twisting away from the ropes and violently dumping the blubbering Swift with a crude, but devastating Powerbomb.

Taylor's limbs flopped spread eagle as her skull violently slung against the mat, her eyes rolling into the back of her skull as she sunk to the canvas completely deflated. After discarding her spread thighs from atop her shoulders, Miley lustfully traced the outline of Tay's pussy lips over her bottoms before tugging the sweat-soaked material halfway down her thighs. With a soft, throaty moan, she hunched her frame over Tay's lower half and took a sloppy, carnal bite of Swift's sex.

The unconscious blonde's frame involuntarily shuttered as life was suddenly pumped back into her limbs, coming alive just as Miley slid out of the ring and a giant bear claw snagged her ankle from outside the ropes. Katy Perry was first on the scene, intimidatingly clad in a matte black bikini with a colossal black dildo securely strapped around her waist.

The Lumberjacks would have to take a back seat to the Jills for now Swift's nude frame unraveled as she twisted to a stop with Perry and Minaj on her heels, finally beginning to put two-and-two together as she came back to reality and fully grasped the situation she was now in.

Taylor clumsily scurried to her knees with a yip as she caught Katy approaching out of the corner of her eye, only to stumble right into Nicki who was sliding in from the opposite side of the ring, cornering their little blonde mouse. Katy continued to take the lead by ripping the sputtering Swift up to her feet, propping the blubbering blonde up on two noodly stems while maintaining a controlling grip on her golden locks.

Just as Perry opened her mouth for another catty remark, a defiant Swift whipped her noggin square into Katy's lips, stunning the temporarily brunette with an out of character headbutt. Perry's head slung straight backwards, her eyes fluttering as she clutched her mouth, a steady drip of blood staining her fingers. Nicki instantly came to the aid of her compatriot, dipping to a knee behind the blonde and flinging her forearm between Tay's parting legs. Swift exploded with a wounded squeal as Nicki's low blow clapped against her sleek cxnt, cupping her crotch and melting to the ground.

With little more than an incensed snarl, Perry bent down to retrieve the writhing Swift, spreading her quivering thighs and propping each on an opposite shoulder. With the help of Nicki, Perry hoisted the hunched frame of the towering Swift into Powerbomb position. Taylor began to desperately pump her legs against Perry's shoulder blades, wriggling for a moment before she realized the repurcussions should she fall from this height.

The blonde's frame suddenly stiffened, her taut belly drawing breathless as she gasped in shock. With a humiliated whimper, Swift draped her upper body over Katy's buried head in an attempt to hide her pleasure, blubbering as she helplessly clutched the brunette. Despite her best efforts, the spasming blonde couldn't hide the crinkle in her toes, the rhythmic panting, or the twitching of her toned thighs as Katy expertly worked her tongue between Taylor's bare slit.

Taylor's cries slowly grew more carnal, more hysterical as Katy's hands wrapped around the tops of Taylor's thighs and joined her tongue between the blonde's legs. Finally the blonde erupted, mewling as she melted at the tip of Katy's tongue, her lithe frame rippling with pleasure. With a smug smirk, Katy finally signaled her partner. Without warning, Nicki lurched forward and rang Swift's bell, tugging her dangling ponytail as the two dumped the blonde in unison with an Assisted Powerbomb.

The canvas exploded as Swift's scrunched, spasming frame detonated against it, her limbs flinging spread eagle as she jounced off the mat. The blonde's slender frame was still violently convulsing as her sky blue eyes rolled into the back of her skull, gurgling as Katy lifted up from between her legs. Satisfied with the work she'd done, Katy undid the strap-on from around her waist and ruthlessly jammed it inside the twitching Swift, leaving the bulging dildo protruding from between Tay's legs as she slipped out of the ring".

One woman would break their losing streak tonight and as they looked at the muscular studs surrounding the ring, their massive erections throbbing in anticipation, a deranged lustful gleam in their eyes, both women knew that a loss would be detrimental to their slim bodies.

Miley and Taylor's bad girl persona were in full effect. Miley clothed in a promiscuous Michael Jordan inspired cut off tank top and booty shorts and Taylor adorned in skimpy black lingerie.

Taylor couldn't help but scoff at Miley, "A whore like you will love to lose tonight wouldn't you? Why don't you just save yourself the trouble, lay down now and toss yourself over the rope?

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