Breath play kink

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This type of sexual activity involves intentionally cutting off the air supply for you or your partner with choking, suffocating, and other acts. People who are into breath play say it can heighten sexual arousal and make orgasms more intense.

Still, this activity is an increasingly recognized kink, and steps can be taken to make it somewhat safer for the curious. Different types of breath play pose different risks, and precautions can help you prevent possible issues. Like many other kinks and sexual curiosities, breath play is of interest to people for many different reasons. Here are three common ones.

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During breath play, you or your partner restrict oxygen to your brain. This is step one of the process. When your oxygen levels are low, you may feel lightheaded or dizzy. But when the pressure is released and oxygen and blood begin to flow again, you may feel another type of rush. This one is caused by a release of dopamine, serotonin, and endorphins that can cause head-spinning exhilaration. In the immediate aftermath of choking, suffocating, or strangling, your body may confuse the rush of endorphins and hormones as a positive, pleasurable thing.

A better strategy is to clue a close friend or trusted individual in and ask them to keep watch. This could mean being on standby in the next room or checking on you at a set time. You or your partner may not recognize when the choking or strangulation has gone too far. Take time to learn about the anatomy of the neckhead, breath play kink chest. This will help you better understand the limits of pressure and force.

Learning the anatomy will also highlight the importance of proper hand placement, or where to place restraints like belts, scarves, or ties. Neither you nor your partner can properly give consent when incapacitated by drugs or alcohol.

Not each type of breath play is equal in terms of risks. Here are some of the most common types and how you should prepare for them. Pressing on the outside of your throat cuts off air and blood to the brain from two main arteries.

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This makes breathing difficult and can lead to the feel-good symptoms of EA. Slipping a bag over your head can immediately cut off access to oxygen or greatly reduce it. With too little oxygen, you may grow dizzy or lightheaded. With a partner, this type of breath play may be safer, but alone, you run the risk of passing out before you can take the bag off your head. Releasing the strangle hold can cause an intense rush of blood, then euphoric sensations like disorientation and loss of focus.

But strangulation, which may be done with the hands or breath play kink belt, tie, scarf, or other instrument, can quickly become dangerous. Having your partner sit on your face, or vice versa, is a popular type of breath play. Sometimes gas masks can accomplish the same end.

This airway obstruction scenario limits oxygen to your brain, which can cause lightheadedness and weakness. Practiced alone, smothering may be dangerous because you may pass out before you can remove the obstruction. Because the line between safe play and danger is so very fine with EA, most doctors and experts advise against it.

The cumulative effect of regular asphyxia can be problematic. At the same time, the force may break or fracture the hyoid, a bone in the neck that supports the tongue. Though uncommon, some people may end up aspirating the vomit.

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That means they somehow manage to get vomit into their airway or lungs. This can cause long-term breathing problems and increase your risk of infection, among other complications. The chemical makeup of blood changes when oxygen is low. In one rare instancea woman who had practiced EA reported to an emergency department with orbital subperiosteal hematoma, or a hemorrhage in the eyeball. If your partner has stopped breathing, immediately call your local emergency service.

Then begin CPR. If you know this lifesaving techniqueyou can perform it right away. You may just need a few minutes to restore blood flow and oxygen. They can help you learn the proper anatomy, answer questions, and direct you to additional resources. You can also seek tutorials through classes at local adult shops. Many of these venues host workshops or training sessions. Keep in mind that many experts actively encourage individuals to steer clear of EA.

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Why do people enjoy it? You can do it to yourself or to a partner.

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Responsible breath play comes down to three things. Different types carry different risks. Are some side effects to be expected? What can happen if it goes too far? What to do if you or your partner is experiencing adverse effects. If you want to learn more.

Understanding Voyeurism.

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Breath play kink

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