Crossdresser confessions

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Note: This article was crossdresser confessions to us several months ago anonymously. We have edited this article for the clarity and grammar, but we have maintained the original intent of the crossdresser confessions. Please read this article for its informative nature and to understand something about yourself. And this is my confession. Who do you identify as — a man or a woman? Whom do you feel attracted towards — man, woman or both?

Be it a lesbian, a gay man, a transgender man or woman, or a bisexual, everyone knows answers to these questions. Being a crossdresser, I wanted to answer these questions for my own sake. I knew that I identify as a man for the most part, but I also want to flow into being a woman whenever I wish. May be gender-fluid is a better term for me. For the most part of my life, I thought I knew the answer to the second question as well. I was attracted towards women as long as I remember. But then something changed. And this confession is about my exploration to understand my sexual identity.

I hope that this confession is informative at least for a few cross-dressers who are confident about their gender identity but feel confused about their sexual identity.

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Please use your discretion because I am expressing how I felt in those moments. Like many of the crossdressers I know, I was always interested in dressing up as a crossdresser confessions. I never understood my feelings completely but I would dream of dressing in frocks and play with girls. Even at a tender age, I knew that no body will understand my desire, and people will make fun of me. So, I kept it to myself. As years passed, my dreams graduated from wearing frocks to salwars and to sarees. As I grew up, I got attracted towards beautiful girls of my age like any teenage boy.

But my attraction was far more. I wanted to be with them. I wanted to be like them. I loved femininity in the girls to the extent that I wanted to be feminine like them.

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When I graduated from college, I found Google. The internet was not as big back then. There were not many websites with beautiful pictures. I would look at the wallpapers of the Indian actresses, and would sit for hours admiring them. Collecting those pictures was fun. And many boys of my age used to do that anyway. Because internet was not that fast, we would save those pictures on our computers. On one such day of searching for saree pictures, I found one picture of a woman in Google Images. There was something different about that woman.

Like any other woman, she crossdresser confessions wearing a saree, had tied her hair in a braid, was wearing makeup and bright red lipstick; she wore bangles and anklets. Nothing unusual but still there was something different about that picture. Her makeup was a little off. Her shoulders appeared wider than a regular woman. My interest got piqued. So I clicked on the image to open the website. That was the Eureka moment for me.

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It was a website by some lady who was just like me, who used to think like me. I was not alone!

I heaved a sigh crossdresser confessions relief. And soon, I was hooked to the internet searching for crossdresser confessions all over the world. There were not many from India but I would visit their website frequently. Although I was looking for answers for myself and I wanted to understand my own behavior, but there was something in these ladies that I felt attracted towards.

It was the inherent femininity in them. They might not have been like a perfect woman, but nonetheless, they were women in my eyes. I was attracted towards their femininity. And as we all know, the diamond glitter the most when surrounded by coal in the mine. I never doubted my sexuality until my late 20s. Though I would feel attracted towards crossdressers like me, I always knew that I was attracted towards them because I saw a woman in them, not man.

I must have been near 30 years of age when I first came across that video. I was going through a website that had a large collection of video that stimulate us at night. You know what I mean. And here was one particular video where there was a woman making love to a man, but this woman was different. Because she had a male organ down there.

But she also had sexiest breasts and wide soft hips like a woman. My curiosity rose once again. Soon, I was looking for similar videos and websites dedicated for such videos. And my interest waned off with time. Still I would look for such videos once in a while. And one day, I came across a video where this special woman was making love to a woman. It was hot to say the least.

It really messed up with my mind. It was a lesbian love; yet, there was love making involved like a man and a woman would do. My mind was really getting confused. Now, I was beginning to understand why psychiatrists say that it is not good to watch such videos.

Because these videos take us to a world that is filled with fantasy, and raises unrealistic expectations in our mind. The regular world no longer satisfies us. But it was too late for me. Here was a beautiful and tall sexy woman, all naked.

She had sexy wide hips like no woman has, and had perfect round breasts. Her lips were just too tempting. Everything was perfect about her. And she had a male organ down there! But it seemed so natural on her. She was the most gorgeous woman in my eyes.

She was getting ready for another beautiful woman to come. The second woman was a little shorter and had the softest breasts. She was a complete woman down there. The first woman was really enjoying this as she squeezed her own breasts as well as that of the second woman. That was like the sexiest and the most passionate blow crossdresser confessions I had ever seen. In that moment, I could imagine myself as the tall woman with sexy breasts. But at the same time, I could imagine myself as the second woman crossdresser confessions was doing the sucking.

I had never thought like that before. I would make her go wild with my passionate sucking. That idea started to titillate me. In fact, I became obsessed with that idea. I desperately wanted to be that woman. My idea about my sexuality was changing. I wanted to be a woman who would suck. Yet, I never found myself attracted towards any man. I was attracted only towards cross-dressers and transgenders. This constant thought had even started affecting my love life with my girlfriend.

Crossdresser confessions

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