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Each hobby requires 3 time blocks to activate, and each hobby can be gilded for 10 diamonds to speed up its progress by 16x. Without any speedups, the first level of a hobby takes 30 seconds to complete, and each level after takes 1. Each girl also has a liked trait. The exact formula for the amount of affection recieved is given below. Sticking to only the girls from the main storyline, the quickest way to unlock all hobbies involves Elle.

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Several girls outside the main storyline i. You can meet Darya by buying her bundle in the store with real money. Bonchovy is part of the second Monster Girls bundle in the store, which is currently unavailable. Odango was first made available as a weekly event reward, appeared in the store for a limited time, but is currently unavailable.

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Catara is available as a bundle in the store that can be purchased with real money. Advancing past some relationship stages require certain hobbies to be at a high enough level. Select a tab to see all the level-ups that require that hobby.

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Note: Indented entries are not part of the main game. Doubly indented entries are paid content.

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You Crab Pigeon Lil Quill. Admins JerenSoon Eaves Fern inactive. Official Links. Community Official Links Back. Extra Community Official Links Back. Explore Wikis Community Central. Register Don't have an ? Crush Crush Hobbies. Edit source History Talk 0. Hobbies are necessary for four things: Unlocking achievementsUnlocking jobsUnlocking girlsRelationship requirements. Cancel Save. Fan Feed 0 Girls 1 Guys 2 Esper.

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Universal Conquest Wiki. ElleJelleRoxxyRosa. BearverlyWendySawyer. CassieNutakuSutraEsper. MioDaryaSirinaExplora. Cassie Friendzoned, or Mio Nuisance. AlphaQ-PernikissPeanutGenerica. QuillIroSpectrumTessa. BonnibelAyanoBonchovy. PamuLunaQuillzoneCatara. FumiRuriLustat. EvaThe Dark OneClaudia.

Crush crush moist nutaku

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