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Free Cum Galleries Collection. Select the category. Popular Latest. AZ Gals. Jerk Room. Ass eating. Butt munching. Biting the peach. Everyone has a butt. This means everyone, regardless of gender, can receive a world-class rim job. Dec 22, - As it is with any area of sex, eating the booty isn't just something you can dive into with your eyes closed. You need to know exactly what you're  Missing: side ‎| ‎Must include: ‎side. Watch Licking the Most Wanted Ass Girls video on xHamster, the biggest sex tube site with love to push my tongue into sweet buttholes to slowly open it up.

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When it comes to sex, men have quite the appetite. But do they necessarily know exactly how to satisfy that appetite correctly? When it comes to going down on a woman's back door, there are rules. Читать больше may not think there are, but there are. As it is with any area of sex, eating the booty isn't just something you can dive into with your eyes closed. You need to know exactly what you're doing, and you need to know exactly what the women wants.

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Here's the question:. A question about ass-play: I think my partner might want it, and I am a little skeeved out by the idea of licking his asshole. It is a total double standard, because I love when he licks mine.

How do I get past this? What's wrong with that answer—and a guide to rimming for straight girls—after the jump Dan, I love your shit! I have been reading since I was 14, and I'm so thankful I found a good source of healthy, non-shameful and exciting sexual information at that age.

Your advice is always good—except your advice to the girl that wanted to give her boyfriend a rimmer. That was WAY off. I think I can do better. Rim jobs. Straight girls straight up do not talk about that shit—getting is ok, giving not so much—or so I thought. I have one obviously non-vanilla friend who flies her freak flag differently than I do.

I love this about her. I feel like I can ask her anything and get no judgement. One day, while driving, we had a conversation about rimmers. They do. It's called "parallel play" and I think our "parallel conversation" made it easy for me to ask her about rimmers.

First, though, I have to say that I was embarrassed to have this conversation for two reasons. But sitting side by side, not making eye contact, I worked up the nerve to say this to her: And, honestly. Because he is a man, and he is hairy, and he poops out of the area he wants me to lick. But from the media, and my conversations with friends from all spectrums of the rainbow, I would hazard to guess that the average heterosexual male spends the least amount of time on bodily grooming.

My girlfriends, bi, straight, cis, not cis and otherwise? They take care of their junk. And for the most part, I like that. Except when, you know, I'm contemplating giving him a rimmer. Back to the conversation. You wait till after he's just had a shower. You tell him to lie down on his back, you put a pillow under his butt and tell him to bend his knees and let them fall apart, kind of like when you get a gyno exam.

Then you puppy lick his hole—that's a big flat, wet tongue, no pointy tongue pressure! Then she challenged me to do it. I never back down from a dare It took two weeks. But one day, after he had a shower, I did what she told me to do. Under his butt went the pillow. Open went his legs. Down I went. And it was awesome. And it was totally tender, if you can believe that, and he was in heaven, moaning and touching himself.

I was down there for a full fiften minutes. And my face was soaked from eyebrow to chin. And he felt so loved and I felt so loving. And, fuck, was it ever a turn on! So my advice to girls who are thinking about giving their guys rimmers. Try it! Hope this advice is helpful to other scaredy pants who are wondering if they should try a rimmer.

I tried it! I loved it! Really Into My Man. You're right, RIMM: My bad. But please don't call rim jobs "rimmers," RIMM. And when you send someone an email about eating ass it's best not to open with "I love your shit.

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