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Extreme artist Alex

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I free creativity so we can all fulfill our true potential for profit, productivity and peace. Quantum leaps in profit and productivity come from moments of peace not the other way round. That's why I explore whether it's possible to find moments of peace in extreme conditions all over the world. I then apply the insights I learn from these experiences through artistic performances designed to free other people's creativity. An artist that paints I paint in extremes: May 10, - Alex Inchbald is a Business Consultant, a Creative Coach and an internationally recognized artist. I interviewed him last month during an. Jan 11, - In this short, filmmaker @johnstontony follows Alex Inchbald to the base of the Matterhorn, where Alex braves the elements in order to paint the.

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Kitagawa Utamaro, Moatside Prostitute— Spaulding Collection. Courtesy of the Museum of Fine Arts Boston. The entry on Henri Rousseau has been lightly edited for brevity. Excerpted by permission of Laurence King Publishing Ltd. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.

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For me a painting is not a product. It's a journey. Every brushstroke counts. Every action beforehand matters. And afterwards.

A painting is just another step. And it never ends. Life doesn't end with death. This collection explores this journey. Conflict starts inside us, not on some distant battlefield. Peace isn't out there, it starts inside you. This collection explores my response to the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, which impacted my family. Where does a flower's presence stop?

With its petals? With its aroma? When you can no longer feel it? Or does its energy infuse everything? This collection explores the energy of flowers, inspired by the breakthrough work of Vincent Van Gogh. Balance Purpose at the heart of everything May 18, Life is an art. Van Gogh Reborn Where does a flower's presence stop? April 5 Tesla, Geneva, Switzerland. August 7 Health Foundation, Geneva. The Legacy Diamond - transforming associations on purpose.

March 21 Tesla, Geneva, Switzerland. May 20 ebbf Annual Conference, Geneva, Switzerland. May 29 Systemic Health Foundation, Geneva. June 27 Association of Association Executives, Brussels. September Domaine de la Garde, Bourg-en-Bresse. Share This: I use cookies to improve your experience for instance keeping you logged in.

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    Barclay January 11, In this short, filmmaker johnstontony follows Alex Inchbald to the base of the Matterhorn, where Alex braves the elements in order to paint the iconic Swiss mountain live and direct.

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    For me a painting is not a product.

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