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Her special forces are moving under her command — The Acacia Corps. Today, I've been dispatched to help flower knight girl scenes with this mission. Acacia: It's true that the the two of us going together wouldn't be unreasonable.

It just so happens that everyone else is off on other requests today. Black Locust and Cherry Sage are on different flower knight girl scenes missions, Lupin and Dahlia were injured in the mission — Which leaves me as the only one healthy enough to work. But we must not fail this mission. At a time like this, having Danchou come along with me is a huge help.

It's not a — chore, I'm trusting you to take good care of this important task! I'm counting on you! There haven't been any attacks by the pests, so our progress is quick — actually it's a bit too quick. No matter the road, Acacia is tireless in her advance, and the supply cart looks like it's about to fall over.

Acacia: Hey, Danchou! Please keep a better eye on the cargo! We need to hand over this flower nectar to lots of people! You definitely can't drop any of it! If you drop any of it, you can't reclaim it! For her, the cargo is more important than her own life. But to me, losing even one Flower Knight is forbidden. Eventually, after passing through the wilds, we found ourselves in a lush meadow. A huge healthy tree can be seen. Acacia: Oh, perfect. Let's take a rest there, Danchou. Although it's important to be quick in delivery, but you shouldn't rush and lose sight of your surroundings.

As I was re-securing the load so it wouldn't fall, a sudden strange feeling fell over me. Acacia: Aah, that? Apart from the flower nectar, I was asked to deliver that. So I'm transporting it. It's most likely a letter. This is a birthday present, and this one's an anniversary gift Wha-at, those eyes. Are you going to say this isn't allowed?

Just because it's not part of the mission? Or because it's heavy? We-ll it's hard to say, you know. The rules are secondary and tertiary! If someone's waiting for something, I'll deliver it. That's my job after all. That makes the weight so heavy as to cause the mission to be more difficult. Acacia: I'm happy that you're worried about me, but I'm fine. The smile on the faces of the people that you deliver to is far greater than the toil of carrying heavy cargo.

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Even you've experienced that, haven't you, Danchou? The smile you get when giving a gift to someone is irreplaceable. Is that the reason you set up this transport unit, Acacia? Acacia: Yeah, it's not quite right, but I wonder if it's part of the reason?

Wha-at, I'll tell you the next time you help me out. OK, break time's over! Let's go, Danchou! We need to deliver the goods to town before the sun goes down. For her sake, and for those who are waiting for her cargo. It's alright.

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I'm happy to do whatever to help out Acacia. But saying that I'm a little worried about this load. It's about twice as much as last time and the cart is creaking from somewhere. Acacia: Too much? That's right, I did get more.

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Isn't it more convenient to carry more at once? We don't have the manpower to cover this amount if the pests attack. Acacia: Wha-at, that's not the case. If I have Danchou with me, I can defeat any of pests. Her tone is more serious as usual, as she makes the final preparations. Acacia: You asked flower knight girl scenes last time why I formed the Acacia Corps. The fledgling kids were sent out to get some real combat experience.

They carried small bags that suited their builds. But, don't you think that's a little strange? It's good training for Flower Knights,but not so good for the people waiting for important deliveries. A lot of people are waiting for their flower nectar, but when I think that's the only way it's delivered, it's not good enough. Even if they managed to deliver it, they weren't happy.

So, it would be more efficient if stronger Flower Knights could deliver larger amounts of cargo. Doing so would mean we could safely protect the cargo and the recipients would be happy. It's no good that nobody had ever thought about it until now. I'm sure the officials would like us to work a little harder. It's just as Acacia says. Up until now, transportation has been overlooked. However, since the formation of the Acacia Corps.

The superiors have also opened their eyes to using experienced individuals. Acacia: Well, the newcomers can't afford to lose out on their experience, but that's been left to you now. That's your speciality, right? Teaching the new buds their first steps. However, as Acacia says, if we leave the transportation to her, then my job is to train the Flower Knights. Thanks to the abundance of equipment, training has become easier.

Acacia: So saying that, let's go back to our first conversation. This amount of cargo is proof of trust. I also have trust in you, Danchou, so that's why I can carry this much cargo. Besides, I believe you were the first one to believe in our Acacia Corps. It's only natural to respond to trust with trust in kind.

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We-ll, if you leave it to us, we'll deliver it right away. Even though all the members were able to work, they were all on vacation, but for some reason they've been called out. Well it's a good thing, but each and every day the amount of cargo keeps increasing. Hey, where's the cargo? Acacia: Today is a day off, so take me somewhere. You're also off today, right Danchou? I don't often get days off, so I want to go and play!

Normally, you're with Black Locust and the others. They would know a good way to spend a day off.

Flower knight girl scenes

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