Freckle fetish

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Do you get turned on when you see a woman with freckles on her nose, her shoulders… anywhere!! You are not alone in your freckle fetish. And if you like redhethis is often a two-for-one fetish special. So what are freckles, acutally?

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Freckles are groupings of concentrated melanin and are often most visible on women with fair complexions. Though freckles can be found on anyone, the amount is determined by genetics.

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This is one of those everyday fetishes you can enjoy just on an out-and-about day running errands. Most of the women I know who are blessed with vast amounts of freckles actually feel self-conscious of their naturally bedazzled skin. Some freckle fetishists also freckle fetish moles or what some refer to as beauty marks. When I went hunting for freckle videos, most out there were gasp! Not only that, there are many women who go to dermatologists and go to extreme lengths in removing or even bleaching their freckles.

But… I did find one man who made a great video with commentary:.

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Freckle fetish

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Guy With Freckle Fetish Wanted To Take Freckle Free Girlfriend To Have Them Tattoo’d On.