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Install the app. Thread starter Andronica Start date Sep 1, If you are still having issues editing your post, please try the following: 1. Do a hard refresh of your browser futa rp clear your cache. Change your username to include only alphanumeric characters, spaces, underscores, and dashes.

Special characters are messing with things. Did you know that the Top Ten RP list helps to get us tons of cool new members? Vote every day in July and lets see if we can get 1! You are using an out of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly.

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You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Status Not open for futa rp replies. Andronica Guest Original poster. Selectively seeking. Replying to most stories x a week. Hello dear writers! Don't hesitate to contact me with questions or reach out to gauge my interest in your ideas. I'm very flexible and love to brainstorm things that aren't listed here!

In your PM, please have some constructive input besides "I like X idea", otherwise I won't know where to start. Plot-driven RPs: Whether it's a predetermined relationship or a slow burn romance there must be character development to make the sex meaningful. If you want to rush from sex scene to sex scene, I'm not your Lady. Writing Style: My sweet spot is the paragraph range; any less isn't enough for me to work with.

Descriptive, well-written posts that add to the story are more important to me than flowery novellas. Communication: Silence is an RP killer. I'm here to write great stories and make friends nothing more so a partner I connect with OOC is a huge plus! Activity: Sometimes, no matter how much I love an RP, my muse will burn out and I might ask for a break or post more often in other stories. Please understand that lack of inspiration is not a slight against your writing and I'll never drop you without notice.

Characters and Roles For starters, everyone is welcome! I care about your ability to play an interesting character with flaws and depth, not your off-screen gender. My ladies are quite versatile - small breasts, red hair, voluptuous, piercings and tattoos, exotic accents, glasses, naive, dominant - depending on your preferences. However, while Futa rp gladly write stories involving slavery and bondage I ask that you steer clear of two-dimensional BDSM stereotypes and give your characters a persona that doesn't just revolve around their preferred role in the bedroom.

Hopefully I made that clear but feel free to ask for clarification if you need it. Kink Summary Before contacting me, please read my F-List or my detailed kinks below for compatibility. Pictures in need of Plots. May be NSFW. Last edited by a moderator: Oct 25, Reactions: Ellimist and deleted member.

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The only samurai to survive becomes a ronin. To regain his honour he decides to hunt down the attackers and rescue the Shogun's wife, but discovers that she - a kistune - is leading the bandits and the attack was all part of her plan to find a worthy champion. The kitsune sends him on a mission to kill the demonic Shogun.

At the palace the samurai meets a futa rp, enslaved during the latest raid. However, the concubine is actually an assassin who also plans to kill the Shogun. Spirits in the Steam Age Avatar Concepts: Firebender x OC, Open pairing, secret identities, adventure, kidnapping While minding their own business in Republic City one day, a firebender hiding a secret quite literally runs into someone who might be able to help her. She appears to be in trouble and of course, your character is obliged to help as futa rp as she provides some answers after they dispose of the thugs.

She's the heir of a noble Fire Nation family. Recently their rivals, loyalists from the days of Ozai, have been trying to coerce her into returning home to wed their son and return honour to her family. They help one another in what he believes is a one-time occurrence, yet the pair keep running into each other during missions and end up going on adventures together.

Her charisma wears through his reclusive and wary personality, and the assassin finds some happiness. This le him futa rp question his contract with the Dark Brotherhood. As for the thief - well, she already sold her soul to Nocturnal. Daedra don't take kindly to breaking pacts. She and her companion become close friends, whether or not they are from different factions.

My favourite pairing for this would be my female night elf x a male tauren shaman or druid. Safe and Sound Concepts: Survivor x Survivor, Open pairing, zombie apocalypse, gore, possible incest For two years since the dead started coming back, a small town in the US held its own with generators, running water, and enough food to go through the winters without starving. A pair of residents who scavenge together start to become closebut something is in the way. Are they childhood friends? Or is one of them is in a relationship with the town leader? Eventually a catastrophe befalls the town that causes them to flee.

They decide to stick together to find a new home - if they can live that long. Alternatively, one survivor can be found by the other and is brought back to their town. He's strong willed but appears loyal. The domina sees him as a blunt instrument, an assassin to kill her enemies and possibly even her overbearing husband. He sees her as a way to gain freedom. Their arrangement goes awry when the city falls to rebelling slaves and the domina learns what it means to lose her position of power.

Another idea that could be added to the first or combined: a woman born into slavery is the secret lover of her master for many years. His wife becomes suspicious of their tryst, and despite not loving her husband, his wife is a jealous and manipulative woman. In an act of revenge she coyly suggests during a party that her husband should give his favourite slave to one of the most ferocious gladiators in their ludus. Last edited by a moderator: Sep 28, My F-List is a quick rundown of what you'll see in more depth here. Of course, none of my ON's are requirements and I only expect you to hit a couple kinks.

If you're not interested in making it meaningful then I'm not your Lady. I think having a friendly relationship with my partner really benefits the story. Usually I write paragraphs, rarely upwards of words. I want a literate partner who can bring life to the scene and contribute to the story rather than just reacting to my post. Futa rp only caveat is that I dislike submissive feminine males. Female, Futa, Trans - I adore a beautiful female form regardless of what's between her legs! Romance - No matter how dark the RP, I crave intimacy and an emotional connection between characters.

Fleeting glances and touches, flirting, cuddling and kissing all the way to raw passionate sex. Vanilla doesn't have to be boring! A vampire and her werewolf pet? Yes please! I can play a range of supernatural and fantasy races and love to be paired off with them too. Sexy Apparel - Stockings, corsets, heels, futa rp, and uniforms. Toys and Equipment - The use of strap-ons, vibrators, cuffs, gags, blindfolds, silk ropes and more. Foreplay - I love building up to sex as well as post-orgasm stimulation.

This could mean lots of oral, "outercourse", mutual masturbation, strip tease, and seductive games of cat and mouse. Whatever le to a messy exhausting session! Vaginal and Anal - Pegging, fingering, training, double penetration, etc. Spice it up by having sex against a wall or taking it from behind while being held close. Cum - Soft cum facials, precum, creampies, and internal cumshots.

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Give me flaws and depth, not two-dimensional stereotypes of roles in the bedroom! Mind Control - Magic or drugs that aid persuasion instead of taking complete control. Consent and Dubious Consent - I love when both characters enjoy themselves, especially when reluctant "no's" become moans for more. It could be playful bi-curious experimentation, something more forceful through kidnapping or blackmail, or simply pretending to resist while secretly enjoying it!

Rough sex - Wrestle. Talk dirty. Hold her throat. Pull his hair and dig your nails in for the ride. Manhandling that in a little blood, bruising or welts is fine. I'm open to bloodplay involving vampires or demons, too. Inexperience - Virgins exploring their bodies for the first time. Transformation - Changes to social status, gender, and species. Ageplay - A ten year age gap is usually my limit unless one of the characters is not human. Anything more gets too complicated futa rp don't ask for a harem.

Generally I don't when my character is cheated on but that's negotiable. Risk of Futa rp - It's fun to use as a tease or threat. Actual pregnancy depends on the story and I will not play a character solely to breed. Orientation Play - When a 'straight' woman has conflicting feelings for another female or futa. The worst I'll do is say no thanks.

Slice of Life - I'm iffy about it. Yes, I'll write about an office romance or college students but only with interesting fantastical concepts. Maybe one of the co-workers is secretly a vigilante? Or the college student hunts monsters and their crush turns out to be one?

Futa rp

email: [email protected] - phone:(871) 190-7292 x 1341

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