Girl sends nudes

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Gentlemen, I have good news. Women want to send you nudes. More specifically, we want you to want us to send you nudes. As any responsible nude-sender well knows by now, sending an unsolicited nude is the first cardinal sin of sexting.

It is also, friendly reminder, sexual assault. Sure, I could ask you if I can send a nude photo, and as long as you or your phone are not otherwise engaged you might say yes, but you might not really want nude photos in that moment as much as you might at another time. Fortunately, there are ways to respectfully solicit nudes without being that guy.

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Are there women on the internet who would love to send you, a random stranger, nudes? While it may seem riskier to ask for nudes from a woman you actually know, doing so will probably increase your odds of actually receiving the photos you seek, while also making you look like a generally more respectable human being. Requesting nudes is obviously an overtly sexual gesture, but you should be aware that making that gesture can set an overtly sexual tone for an entire relationship, especially early on.

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Some women will simply never want to send you nude photos, and some may not even like being asked. Rather than putting a woman on the spot and in a position where she may feel pressured to fulfill a specific request, an approach like this opens up the doors to a conversation, one that might even lead to a larger discussion about consent, boundaries and other wants and desires you may or may not share.

And yes, such a conversation might also lead to nudes. Context is key, and an ill-timed or random request could easily come off as offensive or simply off-putting. Sending nudes should be light, fun and sexy for everyone involved, which means you should only solicit them in contexts that match that tone. A satisfying exchange of photos may well be the result of an already sexy tone, but a random request for nudes is unlikely girl sends nudes set that tone.

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Girl sends nudes

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