Girls selling nudes

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Where once confined to red light districts and l mags, sex workers can now make money on their own, at home - with nothing but an internet connection. Welcome to the world of OnlyFans, a social media platform where users can charge monthly subscription fees to reveal hidden - and often explicit - content. For six months, I immersed myself in the world of selling nudes for a new BBC3 documentary and met some of the women earning a living from sites like OnlyFans.

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One of the women featured in the documentary, Lauren, quit her job 18 months ago to focus on her OnlyFans career full-time. For women like Lauren, OnlyFans provides an opportunity for financial security and a level of control that can be hard to find in the sex industry. But Lauren is in the top one per cent of earners, many performers post far more explicit content, for very little financial reward. Throughout my investigation I saw a disturbing of seemingly underage profiles advertising nudes for sale, with many promoting their content on Twitter.

While the legal age to create and distribute content in the UK is 18, I was concerned a of the profiles I came across were younger. To test this theory, we commissioned a piece of research using age verification software deed by YOTI, where we scoured Twitter for s advertising explicit images and estimated the age of the face in the photo. The were staggering: In just one day they found 2, separate s where girls selling nudes person in the profile photo appeared to be under the age of These underage ed for a third of the total images, with 37 estimated to be just years-old.

We found underage profiles selling nudes on both OnlyFans and Snapchat - and I met a young girl who has been making money through both platforms since the age of The teen ly used OnlyFans but was reported for being underage.

Her was suspended, but she repeatedly got around the checks with the help of adult friends in order to sell content for seven months, using a of profiles.

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With social media largely unregulated, there is a huge concern that more and more teens will turn to these platforms as a way of earning extra cash. Snapchat, Twitter and OnlyFans have all said they do not allow underage users to share explicit content on their sites.

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We aggressively fight online child sexual abuse. We take this report extremely seriously and will take action on any s that violate our rules. in. All Football.

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Ellie Flynn. THE sex industry is changing.

Girls selling nudes

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The Art of Selling Nudes Online: How to Make Money With Your Nude Pics & Clips