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An unspoken version of Wouldn't Hit a Girlwhen there's a team with one Action Girland there's one female opponent among menthe two will always take care of each other. She might take out one of the guys, too, but the men will keep to themselves so long as that option is there. It's not universal enough to list aversions, but it's definitely GOOD GIRL BRAINWASHED VERSION 2. Essentially, when the Hero BBRAINWASHED to fight a жмите сюда, he must get a Pitch Hitter to take his spot. Sometimes the Hero's girlfriend gets this as her role.

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An unspoken version of Wouldn't Hit a Girl , when there's a team with one Action Girl , and there's one female opponent among several men , the two will always take care of each other. She might take out one of the guys, too, but the men will keep to themselves so long as that option is there.

It's not universal enough to list aversions, but it's definitely noticeable. Essentially, when the Hero needs to fight a girl, he must get a Pitch Hitter to take his spot. Sometimes the Hero's girlfriend gets this as her role.

Often the job of The Chick in the Five-Man Band is to smack the supervillainess around, essentially becoming the team's Designated Hitter for all female villains. This tends to be the end result of a basically gendered aspect of many superheroes: Thus, a Legion of Doom team-up tends to be fought along gender lines.

In team versus team cases, some creators and readers have inhibitions about a male hero beating up a woman, no matter how evil or threatening she is.

There are problems with doing this too much; if your female lead only ever fights and wins agianst other women, it can create the conotation that a woman can only beat someone of their own gender, or that men care more about propriety i.

There are a few standard exceptions to the trope, even in works that use it; a Gonk usually doesn't count as female even if they are and is thus a valid target for a male hero , and a Non-Human Sidekick or Funny Animal companion usually doesn't count as male, regardless of actual gender and can thus attack female villains with impunity.

Of course, a villainess could always change into a monstrous form to bypass the trope entirely. It might lead to a Cat Fight , but more often the fight is otherwise played seriously. Compare Counterpart Combat Coordination.

Community Showcase More. Follow TV Tropes. You need to login to do this. Get Known if you don't have an account. Maybe it's because the others Wouldn't Hit a Girl? I mean, Sabine, Samantha, Tsukiko I bet even the druid's hawk was some sort of a bird-hussy. Anime and Manga. Bleach Orihime's first fight involved a female hollow who took control of male students from a desire to use them to abuse and kill female victims. It was Tatsuki falling prey to this hollow while trying to protect Orihime that forced Orihime to manifest her powers in defence of Tatsuki.

It's the only time in the entire story that Orihime has been able to summon Killing Intent in battle. During the Soul Society Arc, the only combat-oriented female captain was dealt with by the only female fighter on the protagonist's side. Soifon only entered the fighting when Ukitake's female aide became involved, and was confronted by her former mentor, Yoruichi. Both women are ninja-trained and incredibly brutal combatants.

During the battle for Karakura Town, Harribel's all-female group did not confront the adult male captains; they took on Captain Hitsugaya and his female lieutenant. When Rangiku ran into trouble with Harribel's three fraccions, she was rescued by Hinamori - another female; Hitsugaya obtained reinforcements from the female Visoreds - Lisa and Hiyori. Rangiku and Hinamori were only rescued by male fighters when the fraccions created a male chimaera that was beyond the power of any lieutenant to fight.

Jackie has dominatrix overtones, so does get to fight a man - but only Renji, whose battle etiquette involves going easy on female fighters because they're female, and because she needs a lesson in battle morality from a sympathetic male.

Riruka, however, is very girly, obsessed with cute and lovable things, and doesn't want to be Ichigo's enemy. She only fights Rukia, one of the major protagonists, who doesn't like hurting humans, and who shares Riruka's love of cute things. Notably averted in the Thousand Year Blood War Arc, as all the female Sternritter take on male protagonists, and all the female protagonists that get a fight end up against male Sternritter.

The only catfights we see are when the female Sternritter turn against each other. This is averted in Brave10 , where Anastasia only gets paired with a female opponent once and it's not played like this trope at all. The tournament arc in the sequel, however, plays the trope straight.

There Ana faces off against Komatsu, Yukimura's sister-in-law, where she has to throw the fight out of consideration, while Isanami goes up against Izumo no Okuni in a dance-off. Subverted in Cyber Weapon Z. When Anling fights Soti, she has no idea that Soti is female since she's wearing a male uniform and a rather impersonal helmet. Though in this case, it's more Angewomon wanted to take LadyDevimon out herself and rebuked anyone who tried to help, and LadyDevimon was Piemon's Dragon.

In Digimon Frontier , Izumi has the most fights against Ranamon, and Ranamon was her only kill and scan in the entire series.

Averted in Digimon Savers. Kurata assembles a team of Psycho Rangers to fight the main Power Trio , but the female members of each don't battle each other.

In fact, Nanami and Yoshino had almost no interaction at all during the series, unusual in that this was the Digimon iteration in which fanservice started being a thing that regularly happens.

Semi-played in Digimon Xros Wars: Mervamon was one of two Digimon present for the final fight against Lilithmon, but she was working together with Beelzebumon for the entire fight, and he's the one who takes Lilithmon out.

The Mightiest Disciple: Played straight, mostly because of Kenichi's Wouldn't Hit a Girl honor. Shigure Kousaka has had several fights versus female opponents, including against Yami's Mikumo Kushinada. Mostly subverted in "the protection of the swords" arc and "the American base" arc.

Erza however fights usually against the strong ones The Dragon guys , with a few of them being female Ikaruga, Erza Knightwalker. But she too defeated some male opponents like Azuma and Aria. Erza's battle with Midnight can be mistaken for a Designated Girl Fight at first glance, but in all actuality, Midnight is a dude. The Grand Magic Games plays this trope straight where almost every female fights another female Lucy vs. Flare, Mirajane vs. Jenny, Kagura vs.

Yukino, Wendy vs. It goes Up to Eleven during the Naval Battle where six of seven participants are females and fighting in swimsuits the only reason there's a guy is because he's from the all-male guild. After that during the Battle Royale, there is Erza vs. Kagura vs. Plus there's Juvia vs. Merudy in the Tenrou Island arc.

And Erza's battle with Coordinator in The Movie. Fairy Tail has a good number of aversions of the Designated Girl Fight tropes as well. While Lucy has a good number of Designated Girl Fights, even she has some male adversaries. In addition to Byro and Bixlow, she also fought Uosuke, one of the male Executioners in the Grand Magic Games Arc of all arcs , and while she did have to fight the brainwashed Juvia, the real enemy was Vidaldus Taka.

Erza, as mentioned before, usually fights the strong Dragon type foes, and while some were women like Minerva, Ikaruga, and her own Edolas counterpart , a good number of them were dudes as well.

A man who can be very easily mistaken for a woman. And totally curb-stomps her. Semi-averted in Fullmetal Alchemist. Riza Hawkeye is the only female member of Mustang's team and Lust is Father's only daughter, so naturally an altercation between the two occurs. However, this isn't really a fight so much as Hawkeye redundantly shooting Lust repeatedly until Mustang comes along to finish things. In Hellsing: Seras Victoria kills Jessica, the female vampire in volume one, then she fights Zorin Blitz in a big battle.

Gets averted later when she has a big fight against The Captain ,altough he gives her a way to defeat him, and she gets help from Pip as her familiar. Averted with Alucard against Rip van Winkle if you call that a fight. Averted with Integra as well, the few times she fights, she kills male vampires, The Major or is defending herself from a male attacker.

Father Anderson has no problem attacking women if they are monsters or heathens Seras Victoria and Integra Hellsing respectively In Naruto: Out of twenty competitors in the Chuunin exams, six were female. Sakura and Ino, past rivals, fought each other, as did Tenten and Temari. Averted with Hinata who faced Neji and Kin who faced Shikamaru. Though it should be noted that in the absence of a female hero, Shikamaru will always ends up fighting the female villains.

Also averted in Part II outside of fillers. The Naruto movies seem to avert this, especially the early ones. In the first one, Sakura and Sasuke collaborated into blowing up a female-male duo, while in the second movie, Naruto, Sakura, Shikamaru, Kankuro and Gaara faced three female villains whom they killed..

Played straight in the third movie, where Sakura fights the only female villain in the film. One Piece. Miss Goldenweek only plays a passive role in any fights, though, and Nami and Vivi are quickly incapacitated, leaving Valentine to hand Usopp his ass until they're freed and one-shot her. Played also in the Baroque Works Saga—amongst the final team that fights the heroes, there are two girls.

One of them, Miss Merrychristmas, is not exactly She, along with her partner, fights Chopper and Usopp. Miss Doublefinger, on the other hand, who is a typical Dark Action Girl , has a one-on-one fight with Nami. Zig-zagged in the CP 9 Saga: The CP 9 have one female member, Kalifa.

At first she fights Sanji - he is much stronger than her, but the fight still ends with obvious results, due to Sanji rather wanting to die than kicking a girl. A short while later she is pitted against Nami who started off going up against Kumidori before fleeing, and we get the straight example.

Bizarrely played with in Impel Down arc when Ivankov is breaking out of Impel Down he's confronted with one of the wardens, the only female among them.

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