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Kik is a social media messenger app that has been running for a few years now. SMS is so last century, Kik is the new way to communicate! The de intent was to make Kik better looking, simpler to work with, and faster to use and communicate. There is also an element of privacy built into it, too, as you create a username rather than share your cellphone. This works both for you and against you as anyone can use the app with the same anonymity. Kik also has another trick up its sleeve.

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It group chats on kik a mini internet within an app. Kik has its own apps, own web browser, own video and music player and other neat tricks. So you can listen to music while chatting, watch videos, look at memes, check out Reddit, play games, and more. All from within Kik.

To use Kik you will obviously have to download a copy of the app for your device and install it. Get it here for iPhone and here for Android. You can use it on a Windows desktop or a Mac, too, but that requires some pretty specialized software and is outside the scope of this article. Just focus on your mobile device for now.

To share media, you will need to allow Kik to access your images and video. You can also send other content by tapping the little square icon to the right above the chat box. You can then send stickers, video links, Sketches, memes, and your web history. All social media apps depend on you having people to talk to in order to work. Kik is no different. You can search by username or phone contacts, or you can use a Kik code. The system will not search by real name, nickname, phoneor address. It will only search using Kik usernames.

This is good for privacy, but it does make finding people slightly more difficult than it needs to be. As mentioned, Kik will only search by username.

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You either have to know it in advance or get it from your friends by normal SMS,or however you feel like getting the info from them. One strong feature of Kik is the ability to group chat. You can gather up to 9 people at once into a group and chat, share media, or whatever else strikes your collective fancy. Another neat feature of Kik is the kikbot. This is a literal bot who can answer many basic questions about Kik and even hold a conversation with you should nobody you know be online.

Although there is no reason why you would want a bot in a group chat anyway, as you have real people to talk to. Kik is a pretty good messaging app that does a lot of things well. On the downside, it is harder than it should be to find other users and requires you to share usernames by other means in order to connect. But even that downside is balance out by the privacy it allows you, and once you do connect with someone, it is easy to communicate entirely within Kik. Do you use Kik? Like it? Loathe it? Tell us about your experiences below!

Tech is moving so fast, most people cannot keep up without tripping over themselves. First it was text messaging, then photo messaging, and now you can even have live video chats. With Kik video chat group chats on kik can chat with your Kik friends as if you were right next to them. To start using Kik video chat, open the Kik app.

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Then in either one of your private one on one chats or within one of your Kik groups, go to the top right corner of the Kik Messenger screen and tap the Video Chat option to toggle it on. You will see a video chat bubble pop up when you start the video chat. Tap the video chat toggle button again to turn it off and leave the Kik video chat. Once you have video chat on, you cannot switch to another chat until you turn it off. If you want to chat in fullscreen you can swipe left. Sometimes people are obnoxious and you have to mute them. To mute people on video chat you can tap on the persons video chat bubble.

You can also mute yourself. This means that other poeple will not be able to hear you. So if you have loud noises going on in the background, it will not disturb your group chat. The chat is blowing up your phone. Then you make a joke, and all of a sudden — silence.

What do you do? You mention group chats on kik. Roll pops into your chat and immediately ass everyone a ! Why did Austin get 41? Omg, Angie totally won with Who will be the Senator? Who will be the Doctor? Who will be murdered?! You can just feel it. So you mention whoslurking. Whoslurking pops into your chat, ready to expose your friends.

At lunch, you mention popchat to try your hand at group trivia. Austin gets it right, but you guessed 10 — whoops. Drew and Angie jump in and also play trivia. The Enhance bot officially revives your group chat. Chat apps are one of the hottest things on the Internet these days — in more than 1.

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The popular chat app Kik created and deployed a Kik bot that people can chat with, but you can make your own bot too! Why make a Kik bot? Kik has group chats on kik own Bot Store so if you create a quality bot, you could get it placed in the store. Most bots are pretty low in quality, so if you have a good idea and implement it well, you could get a lot of attention for your bot.

In addition, bots have a legitimate function providing some forms of online customer service, so developing a bot could be a useful item that could get you a programming job one day! There are a couple of different approaches to building a bot on Kik. The Kik process requires you to know how to code at least a bit in either Python or Node. There are also standalone bot software platforms out there that let you configure a bot without knowing how to code.

Before jumping right into to developing your bot, you should spend some time planning. What do you want your bot to do? What do you want it to achieve? What is going to make it different from all the other bots out there? Consider all these questions before moving on to the build stage as having a clear goal in mind will help you maintain focus as you develop your bot.

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If your bot does nothing new, why would anyone use it? In order to start building a bot you will need the Kik app and you will need to up at the Kik developer site. You may have noticed I glossed over the actual programming of the bot. Kik has created a great set of tutorials on how to do that. ChatFlow is just one of many API tools that makes bot creation simple by letting you use a graphical interface to build your bot, rather than using code.

This creates a basic Kik bot. This bot will just echo back any message that you send it, but the bare bones of your bot have been created. From here you can develop more advanced messages and interactions for your bot until you are completely happy. The instructions within ChatFlow are very clear and logical so almost anyone can create a chat bot! Building a bot in Kik can be done either by programming or by using one of the bot starter platforms like ChatFlow.

You can build a bot either way, but if you do it via programming you will learn more. Learning to code intelligent bots is a job with real potential. This update includes some big changes that have come out of many hours of brainstorming, heated discussions, group chats on kik late night coding sessions. This update introduces Kik Cards — optional features that let you do even more on Kik, without changing the app you know and love!

You can use Kik Cards to search for and send YouTube videos, find and share images, and create sketches.

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And you can do all of this without leaving Kik — and without downloading anything new.

Group chats on kik

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How to Create a Group Chat on Kik