How to find nudes of people you know

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This article is written by Oruj Aashnaa student of the University of Calcutta. Often, in such a situation, the victim remains silent about the event due to the fear of character assassination. However, being quiet about the wrong is the worst one can do.

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Thus, being silent is not the right option here. But before jumping into the measures, an individual and collectively, a society should comprehend the rigors of this pathetic act rather than humiliating and mortifying the victim. Human society will fail if we try to degrade the sufferer. The article takes two parameters into consideration. However, it is not wrong or shameful to share nudes as an expression of sexuality with someone you love and trust, but it is wise to consider the implications and gravity of the act.

It is privacy that forbids the person from holding the photo, and if any such complaint is registered, it will end the offender in prison. Let us understand the basics of privacy. However, privacy is not just physical proximity; it is a state of mind. In contrast, even in isolation and plenty of spatial privacy, a person feels anxious and miserable. The same goes for the case we are talking about. The kind of privacy an individual wants to enjoy as a right is not spatial privacy but an ability to feel free mentally.

If someone places a hidden camera in a bathroom or bedroom without your knowledge, then it is outright illegal and against the right to privacy. In contrast, if the picture is taken where the expectation of privacy is low, one may not be liable to click an image or video. For instance, someone clicking the picture on the beach or clicking a picture of celebrities in a public area is fine.

I recently came across a real story where two persons in a relationship shared pictures via Snapchat. Since Snapchat disables the image within a limited time and notifies the user if the screenshot is taken, they shared the nude images too. It came as an utter shock when she realized that the guy was taking screenshots of all her nude photos through a software application readily available that prevents Snapchat from sending notifications while screenshots are taken.

Even the safest technology is not free of glitch. An application providing end-to-end encryption also has possible vulnerabilities present through which the hacker may invade personal data. This is to note, clicking or recording someone in their private space comes under technology abuse. Nevertheless, anything that in the abuse of technology will have profound implications. Consent is one of the essential elements in this matter. It is the primary thing that carries the idea of willingness. But if a photo of you is being used commercially to make money, without your permission, then there is a right to demand the photo be how to find nudes of people you know down.

If you find yourself in such a situation and are disturbed and mentally harassed due to constant battle in your mind, get out of the social stigma and confess to your close one family, friends, etc. Society plays a huge role in depreciating the risk of depression, suicidal thoughts, and mental harassment, which subsist in these situations. And even they will come up with an impeccable solution. If you know someone who has your private picture or video, ask to delete it and let them know about your privacy and security.

Try not to intimidate the person. Note, one must have proof or reasonable incident to support the allegations. There are organizations online that help their clients to take down their intimate or personal pictures, video, recordings, etc.

Further, if someone discovers any nude image or video of themselves at a point in time, this support centre will help take down the picture. The Privacy Protection Bill,deals with collecting, storage, destruction, processing, security, and disclosure of personal data. The provisions of the said Bill give stress on privacy and implement strict liability on infringement of privacy. Section 66E of the IT Act, prescribes a penalty for violation of privacy. The person committing such offence shall be punished with imprisonment, extending to 3 three years or with a fine not exceeding Rs.

In a case in Mumbaia man posted intimate videos of his ex-girlfriend on a social media messaging group without her consent. In the said case, consensually recording such material was not prima facie guilty under Section Nonetheless, the man was arrested under Section 67 for transmission of sexual content and not for violation of consent and confidentiality.

The new rule which is in huge debate provides strict rules for intermediaries. The main objective of this provision is to prevent, detect, investigate and punish for an offence related incitement to offence pertaining to rape, sexually explicit material, or child sexual abuse material. Personal information is the most sensitive and valuable for anyone. In the era of technology, each and everyone has access to digital modes and media.

It is heart-rending when someone uses these mediums to store explicit pictures of another person without consent. There are sexual desires that everyone needs, but fulfilling those desires by taking nudes of someone is just ethically and morally wrong. Law can regulate or make laws to control the damage, but the root consists in the mindset. It is essential to raise awareness and educate yourself about the potential risk before participating in any such action.

There are cases where the nude was shared between couples, and even how to find nudes of people you know the deletion, it got leaked. No one deserves to be shamed. The wrongdoer is encouraged because society is silent about this subject. LawSikho has created a telegram group for exchanging legal knowledge, referrals and various opportunities. You can click on this link and :. Follow us on Instagram and subscribe to our YouTube channel for more amazing legal content. Check your mailbox for the ing link. From Bhawna Agarwal: [ protected]. in. in.

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How to find nudes of people you know

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