Japanese rope tie

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Welcome to Shibariyour chance to learn the building blocks of Japanese rope bondage! For me, the methodical repetition and precise structure of rope bondage is calming. I get off on the bottom both giving up control and having fun. For a bottom, being restrained can also feel very calming. A lot of bottoms feel relaxed and blissed out while in rope. I also really like the sensation; the pain and restriction feel exquisite. Playing with rope bondage japanese rope tie usually an emotionally intimate space to share.

It can be rough and sexual, soft and non-sexual, or anywhere in between. Shibari also often referred to as kinbaku is a form of Japanese rope bondage. It differs from Western rope bondage a few ways: it uses non-stretchy natural fiber rope, either jute or hemp, instead of softer cotton, silk or polyester rope; it focuses on friction and wraps instead of knots; it uses the rope doubled over at the middle, a point called the bight, and works down toward the ends; and it has a deep focus on the aesthetic of the ties. Shibari uses building blocks and repeated patterns that fit together to create ties.

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Once you learn these blocks and patterns and some basic safety, you can often figure out how to repeat a tie you see elsewhere. Shibari is derived from Hojojutsu, a martial art used in the Edo period to the mids by the Samurai to arrest and restrain prisoners with rope. Often prisoners were publicly shamed by being displayed tied in ropes, which usually conveyed their class and crime, before execution or imprisonment. Hojojutsu died away at the end of the Edo period when the shogunate were overthrown. People in Japan started to use the Hojojutsu ties for BDSM, and to play with the physical restraint and emotional shame of being tied.

This art of tight and often painful sexual or sensual tying became known as shibari decorative tying or kinbaku tight binding.

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More recently, shibari has started to become popular in BDSM communities worldwide. Some of the most popular Japanese performers and rope tops even travel worldwide to perform on stage or to teach classes and workshops.

Unfortunately, with the worldwide growth of shibari, there has been some questionable copying or exoticising of the cultural aesthetic of the Japanese performances and photographs — non-Japanese people wearing kimono, or rope tops only tying small Asian women as japanese rope tie bottoms, for example.

Instead, practice the ties, be knowledgeable about and respectful of where they come from, and make the encounter be about you and your experience. Jute and hemp are the most popular materials used in shibari. The rope is often seven to eight meters long, four to six millimeters thick, and usually consists of three smaller strands twisted together. In my opinion, natural fiber ropes also look better and the unyielding tension feels better for the bottom. You can buy raw rope and do this yourself, or you can buy pretreated rope. I recommend buying pretreated rope at first, but it can be fun to buy raw rope and condition it yourself in the future.

Some shibari rope. All these hanks are 8m long and 6mm thick. Rope often arrives with japanese rope tie single overhand knot at the ends to stop it from fraying. You can leave those knots as they are and retie them when they come undonewhip the ends with some waxed thread, or make a more complicated knot.

Cleaning your rope is not recommended, as you need to wash, dry, singe and oil it every time. The best way to have clean rope is to not get it dirty. If you want to do crotch ties, I recommend setting aside a specific rope for that person for that purpose, or using synthetic rope that can go in the washing machine.

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If your rope gets dry, oil it with jojoba oil. To tie rope in a figure eight hank for storage, first run your hands gently down the length of the rope to straighten it and pull out any knots, kinks or overwound tightness. Then grasp the two ends with your right hand. Bring your left hand up and create another loop with your right thumb the same distance down the rope.

Take the end of your rope and wrap it tightly around the bundle once.

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Then continue wrapping a few more times below the top wraps, keeping the rope very tight. On your final wrap, place your index and middle fingers over the wraps facing downwards. Wrap the final wrap over your fingers, and then bring it around and grasp the rope between those two fingers, and then pull it through.

Either bring it all the way through, or stop half way to create a slip knot shown. I'm the tech director for Autostraddle, which means I oversee all the tech-related stuff and do anything from coding the website to keeping the servers online.

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I also enjoy finding ways technology can make it easier for our writers to work. Apart from Autostraddle, I really enjoy making things, breaking things and then fixing them again, taking pictures, getting outside, making food, working on my house and garden, japanese rope tie travel. And this is such an informative article for beginners? I sent it to the gf because she got frustrated when I tried to teach her the other day how to tie up the hanks….

I would also like to put in a plug for non-shibari rope bondage. Learning the basic shibari techniques is a great place to start. Really looking forward to this series, the gifs are amazing and the completeness of the material provided inspires confidence. Do you have an article planned for accommodating disabilities? Or would you be willing to recommend a community that might have resources to address disabled bodies, please?

Willing to hire a knowledgeable tutor for our exclusive japanese rope tie. Just looking to further expand our intimacy for each other, only. Your advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much. You've decided to leave a comment. That's fantastic. Please keep in mind that comments are moderated by the guidelines laid out in our comment policy. Let's have a personal and meaningful conversation and thanks for stopping by! What Is Shibari? What About The Rope?

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Japanese rope tie

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What to Know About Shibari, aka Japanese Rope Bondage