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I am looking for RP partners on kik! Hey yall, my name is angel, im 16, female, 6 foot 1 and very. My kik is angelleon Welcome to the fascinating world of Artemis!! I'm glad you decide to take a look at my humble post! This role-play group will be for t. Our goal is to create safe environment for roleplay, fun and creativit. I'm Sean. I am into track, basketball, soccer and sleeping! I LOVE to eat. But then again, you don't care about that. Kik me at Seanizi and we'll RP. Females onl. Hello, 24 f would like to ha e Simone play a snaime Shota, a young male that has with a kik role play woman this would have some story and character development with the naughty.

I'll role play whatever I'm 19m and my user on kik is thesinksub f only. My name is Doctor Vale! Send your Ideas to me i am Female19! Do NOT as for. Recruiting for a medieval era group rp on Kik. Kingdom of Etheraria has stood as one of the pillars of the land for ages. Magic is shunned in Etheraria, the practice of witchcraft is punishabl. Looking for just anyone to rp with. I'm willing to roleplay anything with the only exception being some. I'm best with romance roleplays, but there are some animes, movies, etc. So here are my ideas! I am a 18 year old woman looking for a long term RP partner.

Looking for a literate person, of any gender. KikUN: toyz. Anything you like im a big fan of My Kik is: AcisChaos. Hey, i'm Jasmine and i'm 21 years old and looking for a year old male or female, i pretty new to RP and like any situation if i'm dominated. Hey guys!

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Kik - Mjgscarlet It was a later afternoon, about PM on a November day while Itoh Taneko was outside walking her dog when suddenly she saw a book labeled Death Note just laying around i. Hundreds of years ago, a royal family ruled over the kingdom of shiona.

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In that royal family there was a princess named Ashari, the only child of the king and queen. You were the prince of shadows. Hello everyone! Today I'm here just looking for something in particular. The first thing im looking for is ferals, I'd like to do more with the anthroxferal thing. Second im looking for a mother ty. Hi, I'm looking for a submissive partner to RP with. Looking for a roleplay on kik. Open to anything. Mostly romantic but can turn ual. Hello I'm currently looking for anyone willing to listen to my RP story idea and Rp with me in it.

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