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As with most messenger-style applications, there are two ways to send a photo on Kik. There are two ways to send a photo on Kik, like on any other messenger app: you can take a live photo or select one from the camera roll. However, as part of promoting honest dealing online and discouraging catfishing, the Kik app informs the recipient of a photo whether a photo was taken in-app or sent from the camera roll. As with most security features of this sort, a sufficiently clever and determined user can work his or her way around the restriction. It is worth asking — why even bother with a fake photo on Kik?

Although, like all platforms, Kik has instances of fraud, identity theft, and the like, most fake photos found on the site are there as part of a genuine prank, joke, or, for lack of a better word, theatrical performance. The main idea behind Kik kik selfie always been having fun.

As such, it can be limiting to not be able to play practical jokes on your friends. For instance, you may want to send a photoshopped photo of yourself. But your crush is asking for a selfie now. The point of Kik selfie is that pretty much anyone can message you. If a creep messages you, you can always block them. But unfortunately, some people will work around the block and start stalking you. It might be easier to send a random, non-alluring picture to throw him off. So how do you send a fake photo without the other party knowing? Make sure that you browse around the app store and read reviews before you download one.

When Kik asks you what camera you would like to use, there is going to be the option to select the fake camera app. You may have to install an earlier version of Kik to be able to do this, though.

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Using a fake camera app will show you how easy it is to send fake photos, which means that people could be using the same trick on you, too. Be sure to stay safe on the Internet by checking out this free eBook on kik selfie safety practices. It is obvious that a fake camera can be used for good. In fact, it can be a lifesaver when it comes to sending photos to your crush or ificant other. But be wary of the ways that other people might use it, and make sure that all your loved ones who use Kik are aware of the dangers too.

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You can never be too careful online. Have you ever used a fake camera?

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Which one worked for you? What have you used it for? Feel free to tell everyone about your Kik adventures in the comment section below.

Kik selfie

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How to Change the Camera in Kik