My girlfriend wants to peg me

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I liked the fact that she kept books and articles about how to improve sex and be a more sexual person. I suppose I liked it because compared to girlfriends or casual partners, it showed she had an investment in doing something well.

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If she was willing to expand her sexual knowledge base, I could only benefit, right? But as our relationship progressed, I learned there was maybe such a thing as knowing too much. Soon, she had me questioning whether or not I was even good in bed.

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By the time I decided to walk away from the relationship, I enjoyed masturbation more than sex with my girlfriend wants to peg me. However, some habits die hard, and after a couple months we were seeing each other again. On our first date back, I wanted to make the night special. I took her to a nice Italian restaurant, where we caught up on the last couple of months we were apart.

There was dinner, drinks and dancing, and everything felt right again. Once inside her apartment, we did the nightcap thing where we drank just one more drink, which, in all fairness was one drink too many, probably for both of us. I climbed the ladder up to her loft and laid face down on the bed, waiting for her. She asked me if I wanted a massage, which of course I did. Admittedly, the alcohol had completely taken over at this point and it was all I could do to stay awake as I awaited her in the dark of the bedroom loft.

I was just about to pass out completely when the sound of the ladder let me know she was finally upstairs. I was pretty excited to get laid and a massage, because why not? To her credit, the massage was really good and relaxed me even further than the copious amounts of wine already had me. She had her hands on my shoulders as she began to pump in and out.

Of course, even drunk I was certainly the stronger one in the situation, so I turned just enough to get her to stop putting what I now realized was a DILDO into my ass. I let her climb back on top and by god she was enjoying herself. I was decidedly not one of those people. But hell, my mood was dead as soon as the dildo went in. Amazingly, she still wanted to have sex and of course, it was as bad as ever, which was the saddest irony of all in that somehow I thought that things would be different. Once I saw daylight creep through her blinds, I knew it was time to leave.

I climbed over her to get off the bed, and for the first time, I saw the strap-on laying in the corner of the loft. It was purple, but of an average size. Driving home, I focused on the trees that had yet to sprout leaves and a road that felt as long and as lonely as ever.

But what kind of man would admit that he was raped in that manner? Then I started to look inward and I thought about my friend who liked getting pegged. As I got home and climbed into my own bed, I wondered if this is how women felt after being taken advantage of by someone they trusted. Before closing my eyes, I decided not only let it go, but also let her go.

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Girl wants to peg me *UPDATE: Got pegged. Story in OP