My Trubute to Jon R for HIS tribute to my ass. pics

My Trubute to Jon R for HIS tribute to my ass.

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It's the rare Hollywood memorial service at which Adam Sandler sings a serious song, Johnny Depp backs up rocker Ryan Adams, Kevin Nealon apologizes to some Buddhist monks for an excess of "pussy and cock wordplay," and a reigning studio chieftain Paramount Pictures chairman and CEO Brad Grey is referred to repeatedly as despicable.

But Sunday night had all that and more as or so friends of Garry Shandling, who died last month at the age of 66, gathered to celebrate his comedy genius. So while Shandling's career as a funnyman got its due—clips of his early appearances on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson , for example, flickered on a screen down front—mostly this evening was about Shandling the man, the mensch, and the mentor to almost every funny person in town.

In stirring speeches that echoed through the Wilshire Ebell, a historic Los Angeles theater, Shandling was described as a shy boy who at 10 years old lost his beloved older brother, Barry, to cystic fibrosis.

The death tore through his family, particularly wounding his mother, who did not take him to the funeral or explain to him what had happened. That marked him forever, according to speakers who included Shandling's long-time hair and makeup artist and a Buddhist monk who lives on a acre monastery Shandling helped found. Shandling never married or had children—much of his funniest, most darkly self-deprecating stand-up material revolved around this lack.

Instead, he sought to quiet his demons through meditation, observant humor, and abiding friendship, and that, more than anything, was the theme of Sunday's three-hour service. Over and over, Shandling was described as a selfless teacher. Apatow, who organized the evening with a financial assist from HBO which put Sanders on the air , credited the writer-director Adam McKay with observing that despite Shandling's zeitgeist-shaping career, which laid the groundwork for people like Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David, people were always asking him why he hadn't done another show.

Someone recited a joke he'd written about this: Tambor worried, Hank-like, about whether he would get to speak before or after Shandling's funnier friends and about who was going to inherit Shandling's Emmy which he won for a Sanders episode.

Johnson was reassuring, much like Beverly would have been, and the bit got laughs—especially when Tambor joked that he had Brad Grey waiting outside in his car and Johnson made it clear the studio chief wasn't welcome.

But then, artifice gave way to reality as Tambor broke down. Hugging Johnson, he sobbed of Shandling, "He was irreplaceable. It was Gavin de Becker, a private security expert and long-time Shandling friend, who most pointedly referred to Shandling's betrayal by Grey, who was Shandling's manager for many years. Shandling filed suit against Grey in for breach of fiduciary duty, alleging that Grey had gotten greedy with Sanders , taking half ownership and a producer's fee on top of his manager's cut, and essentially using his representation of Shandling to further his own career.

Said de Becker: And even Brad Grey had a role in his family, because every family has an uncle or a cousin who is a sociopath. Lawyer Bill Isaacson, who'd become Shandling's friend while representing him in that case, told of the toll it had taken on Shandling.

Even after a settlement was reached, Isaacson said, Shandling then had to relive it again in when a private investigator Grey had hired, Anthony Pellicano, was prosecuted for, among other things, unlawfully accessing the private records of celebrities. That was hard on him," Isaacson said, adding that nonetheless, Shandling found a laugh in it. Then the prosecutor asked, 'What do you do for a living? It's odd that Prince just died because Garry and Prince were very similar.

Garry was the prince of comedy. He was mysterious, complicated, sexually ambiguous, and an amazing performer who may or may not have been high the entire time. He had great hair. Both [Garry and Prince] stood up against the man to get their shit back. And both were sexy as a motherfucker. That's the joke Garry would have wanted. I first met Garry in when my manager, Bernie Brillstein, asked if I wanted to consult on a Showtime special Garry was doing. I flew out to L. I thought he was a nice enough guy.

I went back to the hotel. At 1 o'clock in the morning the phone rings. It's Garry. He says, "Alan? Do you think it's his diet, or what? One time, he told me he'd met someone and gone out on a date. I said, "How was it? It's my ass. If that's where I want to keep it, you don't get a vote. Garry used to say that sometimes when he was lonely he'd shave one leg so it felt like he was sleeping with a woman. He also said he couldn't afford a private jet, but he could afford to pay the people on a commercial airliner to get off.

The truth is I think it was very hard to be Garry. He was complex, at times neurotic, a perfectionist with high standards. Being in his company required extra patience. I think the fact that he spelled his name with two R's was a warning. When my wife was pregnant, we had a co-ed baby shower, but only because Garry showed up. He won. Garry was the first person I ever saw French kiss a dog.

He was the first male friend I ever had who sent me flowers on my birthday. He detested gossip. You knew anything you told him would stay with him. He influenced me so much. I asked him not long ago if he was seeing anyone.

At first, he thought I was talking about therapists, but when I said no, dating, he said he wasn't interested.

He wanted to focus on getting his health back together. Sarah Silverman, who guarded Shandling at the every-Sunday basketball game he hosted for 18 years:. You know what I like to do after I masturbate? Speak at a nice memorial. I stole that joke from my friend Garry Emmanuel Shandling. He was my mentor, my friend, support system, my family. He was a caregiver. The most generous man I knew.

Generous with his knowledge, with his mind—all the things he learned the hard way, he offered to me wrapped up in a bow. There are so many of us here tonight who can say that. He is the glue in so many friendships in this town. For years, all of the furniture in my apartment was from his storage unit.

Plus a lot of towels. I am the exact age Garry was when I met him, and I hope to pass on to the young comics I meet just some of the lessons he taught. Not all of them, because I still need to have an edge. One of the great things about spending so much time with Garry is that I got to see the evolution of great jokes. And I also got to hear the jokes that would never leave the room because they were too terrible, too awful, too politically incorrect, too funny, whatever.

About a year ago, he said to me, "I don't care what anybody says about Bill Cosby. That man was a mentor who taught me skills I've always use—in my private life. He emailed me: One time, Garry was going off to Hawaii, and before he got in the car to go to the airport, he said, "If anything happens, my 'A' jokes are in the kitchen. Here it is: By Amy Wallace. Getty Images. Judd Apatow, writer-director who got his start writing jokes for Shandling: Garry really did have a huge penis.

I wasn't planning to say that. Sarah Silverman, who guarded Shandling at the every-Sunday basketball game he hosted for 18 years: Gavin de Becker, private security consultant and long-time friend: Chris Henchy, co-founder of Funny Or Die, long-time friend:

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