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Subscriber active since. Apple paid millions of dollars to a woman after iPhone repair workers took explicit photos and videos from a phone she had sent in to be fixed and posted them on Facebook. The incident happened inwhen the woman sent her phone to Pegatron Technology Service, an Apple repair contractor in California.

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While the phone was being repaired, two workers ed explicit photos and videos of her from her phone to her Facebook post, seemingly in a way that made it look like she had posted them herself, the woman's lawyers said in court documents seen by The Verge. Lawyers for the woman threatened to sue for invasion of privacy and emotional distress, but the case was settled for an undisclosed amount of money, though it totaled in the millions, The Telegraph reported.

The settlement included a confidentiality provision and Apple wasn't initially named in the case.

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But the incident became public when Pegatron reimbursed Apple and sued its insurance provider over not covering settlement fees, The Verge reported. In court documents, attorneys stated that the company being reimbursed was "clearly Apple. In a statement to Insider about the case, Apple said it takes the privacy and security of customers' data "extremely seriously.

World globe An icon of the world globe, indicating different international options. Get the Insider App. A leading-edge research firm focused nudes leaked digital transformation. Free subscriber-exclusive audiobook! Redeem your free audiobook. US Markets Loading H M S In the news. Kelly McLaughlin. Apple settled a lawsuit involving a woman who said iPhone repair workers leaked her explicit photos. The incident happened in when the woman sent her phone to Pegatron, an Apple repair contractor.

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Nudes leaked

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Apple paid millions to woman after repair workers stole nude images of her from her phone and posted them on her Facebook