Panty confessions

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I first started sniffing moms panties in 3rd grade. Then I was visiting my Aunt in Texas and my 16 yr old cousin panty confessions taken a shower and left her tiny soiled panties on bathroom floor. I put them to my nose BOOM what a pungent sexy smell.

From then on I was hooked. My aunt caught me taking a pair of my little cousins panties into my room. My Aunt told me to bring the panties and nothing else to her room and wait for her. I was so embarresed. So there I sat on Aunts bed naked with little Joys soiled panties. My Aunt closed the door and told me to show her how I sniffed the panties. She now controled me. I did as I was told.

So all summer about once a week my aunt would have me do that for her. Then one day she had a older woman friend come into the room and watch. By mid summer my aunt was also fingering her self. So this was 40 years ago and Im still kinky. Same for me. You want swap wife,s sexy panties foots, I am in Scotland ,, me at. Stewart outlook. Yeah u go in Walmart look, touch and put the thong, bikini underwear in your face next to nose, the ones for sale yes. Pete u really smell worn thong bikini underwear??? A link that will let you panty confessions your password has been ed to you.

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Confess Something. Random Confession. Like us? So I earlier this morning I was at the I was too young for a boyfriend and got So my mother Narelle will begin work as So all of these men were worshipping me My first motel experience i was so into We have a great I can't just buy a few brochures and I am 40 years old and have been married I work for a small company with just me At the time, I had been married for a Whenever my daughter is at work, school or out with friend's I go into her room Love the tales, am a panty sniffing addict.

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Panty confessions

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Panty Confessions