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I've been on kik for years and have made friends in the chat groups. Not everyone is after sex.

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I've literally only ever heard of it being used by creepy old dudes to hit on underage girls so Used it when I was overseas to communicate with my girlfriend back in the states. Back then, it was the best messaging app. It's a messaging app. It can be used for any sort of messaging, just like texting or snapchat or whatever. I don't care what kind of messaging services my girlfriend has. If you have a trust issue, it doesn't matter which app she's using, you're going to assume something is shady.

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So there are better options now lile whatsapp but I used to use it because my shitty phone could never send pics or do group messaging over wifi. Only known one ex SO to use KIK and it was for purposes which caused her to be an ex, never personally use it but I don't like people using it now for that reason.

I'm asking because my boyfriend has a Kik and claims to only use it for group chats of nudes where people share, thoughts? I mean, it's entirely possible that he's telling the truth.

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Sharing nudes is largely what kik is used for. If he's that up front about getting group chat nudes, then, yeah, that's probably what he's using it for.

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What is Kik mainly used for? Would you want your SO having a Kik? Holy shit who cares. Posted by 4 years ago. Sort by: best.

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Whatsapp is legit, kik is legit bootycall. Agreed, used it just to get nudes a while back. I thought it was some kind of sex related app. Kind of a dick move adding that flair, mods. A Lemur Called Simon. More posts from the AskMen community. It's time to stop. Created Aug 30, Top posts december 10th Top posts of december, Top posts Back to Top.

Reddit kik nudes

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What is Kik mainly used for? Would you want your SO having a Kik?