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This is a 46 year old woman I 21, M saw on tinder who had her snap in her profile. So I added her about a week ago and I chatted and told her I'm from tinder and that I thought she was cute and thought I'd snap her, and she didn't have a problem with it. So this morning I was in bed and received a video from snapchat of a woman masturbating.

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Well in the heat of the moment I sent back nudes 2 to be exact These nudes had no face or distinguishing features, and couldn't be identified by the picture alone. Well after we were done, I started to feel guilty and bad and now my mind jumped to the worse case scenario of her saving the snaps or being ble to somehow recover the snaps and I'm getting very paranoid, even if I know she didn't take any screenshots. It's safe to say that I think I'm going to delete tinder and never sext again after this realization. Do you guys have any advice for me on what to do now or at least how to rest easy or just things to do in the future?

You can't see your face so who cares. All dicks pretty much look the same. Don't worry about it, but in the future don't send pictures of your wang to strangers. Because finding someone's Facebook from their snapchat is usually dead easy. It is? I'm so annoyed by Facebook somehow being connected to all reddit snapchat nude s. Worst case they will threaten to share the pictures if you don't give them some money.

If that happens don't say another word to them. Block and ignore them.

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If the image does get shared deny that it's you and move on with your life. I can guarantee you that it won't be anyone's first time seeing a penis. This is exactly why you don't attach your face to nudes. You did it right. Nothing to worry about. Have fun sexting. How to rest easy? Yeah, don't send or receive nudes.

Once it's out there. And frankly, using a stranger It's not the anonymity of your basic "porn", these are real people who are doing this not so much for money but sexual pleasure. Worried about nudes I sent to woman from tinder in Snapchat, any advice?

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Reddit snapchat nude

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