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When it comes to Kik, a lot of the time you would be surprised to know that people use this instant messenger app to talk dirty with people all over the world. We all know that when it comes to sexting, nudes easily come into the picture. That's why we've create this blog post for our Kik nudes finder! The thing with Kik is that you want to keep a certain level of privacy. It could be the same with who you text, but when you know someone in real life, it is much easier to judge their intentions. It is different and there are definitely a few things you should keep in mind so you too can send perfect Kik nudes and never have to worry.

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Nude Kik pictures are a whole lot of fun, but only if the other person wants the pictures too. Kik nudes are some of the best presents we can give and receive. No wonder there are so many Kik nudes being sent all day!

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Stay within your own comfort zone. Get some good angles! You probably know what your best side is. Besides that, getting different angles helps present your figure differently. Work on getting the perfect butt selfie. These types of pictures are notoriously hard to take, especially because you have to twist around to aim the camera. The best angle to go with for the booty is to angle it a little bit upwards towards the cheeks.

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This helps make the butt look nice and plump. Focus on your best features. For example, if you happen to have big breasts, then it would make sense to focus on sending dirty kik pictures of your boobs. If you have nice feet, then there are definitely some people who would be interested in that as well! Make sure you have decent lighting. If the lighting is just bad, then the nude will definitely not be as enjoyable. Whoever you are sending the nude to wants to see the picture in the best way possible, so making sure you have good lighting is always a must.

To counter that, you might want to stay away from using the flash as that it can cause some unflattering effects.

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Use a mirror if you have one. A body mirror is probably the best way to get a good full body picture. Using straight on pictures for send nudes kik mirror pictures always works very well. When you want to start sending nudes, you probably want to wait until the conversation has gotten super hot. Sending nudes at the beginning is just asking for the mood to die down shortly after when you are out of ideas. Once it starts getting super sexy, bringing out the nudes will be more effective and not to mention, super sexy.

Get creative with it. You can probably guess what all the typical nude pictures look like. Try to do something different and always try out new angles and locations. Nudes are a great way to have some light-hearted fun. Even if you know someone, not showing your face could be a great self-defense mechanism. You never know when someone is going to expose your personal pictures to someone else without your consent. If the nudes ever accidentally get leaked on the internet, you can have an easier time disassociating from the pictures with no face being exposed.

Play around and tease Kik girls! Take sexy pictures that only show a small peek or send a picture in a wet t-shirt. These tactics are super sexy and would drive any guy crazy. How to Send the Perfect Kik Nude. Things to do in order to send the perfect Kik nude: 1.

Send nudes kik

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How to Send the Perfect Kik Nude