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Some feminists want to have you believe these women are "liberated" and should be celebrated. They can believe whatever they want to, but they shouldn't criticize people who find them disgusting. I don't care if people are sluts, but what I find funny are the guys who brag about how much they fuck on the internet while still complaining why he can't find a virgin wife.

Why are people so harsh on women who enjoy sex. Women are treated as off they are either slurs or Madonna. Why does this only apply to women?

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If you legitimately think being promiscuous is gross why limit it to women? According to self reported data men are a lot more promiscuous. Promiscuous guys and girls both kinda of gross me out- but not in a judgemental way, more of just an urge to stay away. The key word is "self" reported. Studies have proven that men on average lie about their promiscuity more on in person surveys than on anonymous surveys, saying they're more promiscuous than they really are. Women do the same but in reverse. I don't know, I think he probably feels the same about dudes, he's making the subject about women because it's his unpopular opinion.

If said "Hey I think dogs are great" and someone said "Why just slutty girls reddit to dogs why aren't cats great? One is impressive, the other is not It's like being impressed someone hit the bullseye with an arrow. No one is impressed with the bullseye, just because 40 marksmen lit it up with cum I mean arrows. Because men and women are different. Being a slutty woman is about the equivalent as being a poor man.

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Why should we have to apply it to both sexes? The OP was about women. I agree, if you're a hoe then you're a hoe, but that goes for both men and women. I don't want to sleep with a guy or a girl that's constantly sleeping with different people. In actuality most of us definitely find it a turn off despite a lot of people asserting that it's wrong to have that preference. I have no problem with sluts and hope they have all the fun they desire.

I do, however, believe that It is unlikely that a slut can ever be trusted to remain monogamous later. There is nothing wrong with finding slutty women gross and disgusting. Sort by: best. Dwight, you ignorant slut. Continue this thread. Who said this.

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Slutty girls reddit

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