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Welcome to sneezefurs. We strive to be an active, open, and friendly sneeze fetish forum. Please visit the subforum called "I'm New Here" to introduce yourself and share why you ed. Posts in the "I'm New Here" forum are never removed, but other subforums are subject to occasional pruning. Additionally, the video gallery and archived topic subforums will not become available for you until you have made at least one post. Welcome, Guest. Please or register.

Read times. This message will be hidden after you have made at least one post. ZakuConvoy Young Kitten Posts: Forgive me if I'm posting this in the wrong place. And it kind of sounds like the owner is AWOL, too. There might be a uptick in traffic here Speedweed Young Kitten Posts: 13 Gender:.

Gives everyone just that much more freedom. I can sympathize. I'm not sure my moderators are very active here, either. And I've been the only one actually validating the s here.

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I'm hardly around anymore, don't have time for proper archive updates, etc. I do make sure to let in new people, watch for spam and harassment, and contribute where possible. There's another interesting aspect to all of this, however. I feel like the way sneezes are portrayed compared to the 90's has greatly changed. We don't get those silly overdone build-ups anymore, leaving most sneezes as incidental things rather than plot points. This long drought compared to the prevalence of the past is shifting the style of incoming members, as well as drying the well, so to speak.

To say nothing of the general change in venue preference from forums to other sources. I'm doing my best to at least keep the lights on here, even if I'm less active. The people who donate are definitely appreciated for their selflessness. Flower, flower, feather, fox. I'm the forum's admin and site owner. Send me a PM if you have any questions or concerns. I pretty much never visit SFF, so I can't really comment on things there. FS: I could do some new-member validating when I see it come up if you like. I just always assumed that I should be leaving that to you. I agree that sneeze fetish forum a lot less build-ups these days, though not a total absence of them.

Add my appreciation for people who donate, too. True, Chikara, you're definitely still around a lot, and you've been a help for sure. Apologies for it slipping my mind. For activation: If you see someone needing approved that's been there a few days and want to help, my policy is generally to make sure it's not a suspicious looking troll, bot, etc which is usually confirmed by some evidence they are a human with their field entry, and then outside of that making sure that it's not a duplicate. Those I tend to address directly and resolve any issues they have with access, etc.

I've relaxed a lot sneeze fetish forum due to bugs on ensuring that people actively fill out the full set of stuff. Sometimes that info gets lost when they go through after skipping the date of birth entry, and they don't notice when they resubmit or it simply gets lost from a coding issue.

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And yes, there's the occasional really good sneeze. I just fondly remember the massive sneeze fetish forum of animated sneezes, popular characters like Sneezer relatively speaking in popularity of courseand other throwbacks to the early days of animation that really solidified the fetish in myself and I assume many others that were my age. Thank goodness for children's programming though, that seems to be one of the easier places for cute sneezes.

This site is quite old, and a lot of people here have not been very active. I'm not sure how the site would continue without any admin or even modssince I haven't been on this site very long. There hasn't been much of an influx of people in this modern age. Not sure how a site like SFF fares on such things these days, though. Also, to be fair, this site's primary purpose is an archive, especially for older content.

So lurkers are more than expected, and community engagement is a tricky business when most of the content is quite old. If I had the energy and passion I had in the past, as well as if there were less hobbies taking up my time, I imagine there'd be more updates. But as it stands, there's still plenty of old stuff, and our doors are definitely still open.

I visit every couple of days, if not every day, and I read every post. Feathered hooves ftw. I'll try to post more stuff here I stopped posting anything on SFF because the admins were dickhe and they don't deserve to get me to post anything.

Feel free to give me a message sometime. I'm almost always up for a little RPing, or story ideas. My elephant braiding her hair avatar by Moko. Fursona Species: red wolf.

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That's interesting news No new members can the site without a acting staff for verifying members. I'm a member but I don't frequent the site to often I never got a warm and fuzzy vibe there. I only spoke to a handful of people that were cool and most of those people aren't online anymore. So yeah Not much of a reason for me to post much on there or spend much time there.

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After being verified I stopped posting for a while I guess we'll have to wait and see what happens on the blue forum. I've got nothing important to say. I just wanted to type something in this box of my profile. I'm an egg short of a dozen. A puzzle without all the pieces. I'm crazy. You can have dollars, and feel like you only have 1 dollar. On the other hand, I can have dollars, and feel like I have 1 million. Heh, this won't be easy.

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After all, there's more to life than just trying to live a good life. You have to accept naivety, and start giving somewhat of a fuck about others. Just wondering if this situation has changed at all. I've tried to register with the site for months but have had no luck. Does anyone more "in the know" have any idea? EDIT: Just had my registration approved the day after posting this. I'm here to contribute.

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No, seriously! Guuuuuys, I'm serious! I don't think anyone's been validated after reaching 50 posts since Possibly earlier. But, I've been keeping an eye on some other Pending level members that reached 50 posts around the time I did, and I don't think anyone ever got validated.

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