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Today I went to Beroun, which is a small town near Prague. I was surprised that the place still had a nice Christmas atmosphere. I liked it there, but I needed company. I would feel lonely being on my own. To speak in a direct or frank manner. To say immediately what one means or wants to say without any other chitchat. When someone is trying to be polite, it is common to use less direct language. Someone might be indirect in an effort to be friendly. For that reason, some people choose to be more straightforward and jump immediately to the main issue they wish to discuss. See straight boys naked, captured, having sex and posing. Championing LGBTQ issues in K education since Our mission is to create safe and affirming schools for all, regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression.

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Discussion in ' English Only ' started by PaulfromitalyAug 26, Log in or Sign up. Dictionary and thread title search: WordReference Forums. Previous Thread Next Thread. Brescia Italy Italian. Which of those is the most common expression?

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You Are Visitor: The Story Behind Auditions. He moved to Vegas on a whim, and it didn't take him long to submit his info to our casting director. He's a spiky haired 27 year old frat boy type. Added October 23, He's not the type to get go at parties, but he's very open minded when it comes to a job.

Straight to the point October 21, He's thrilled to be getting paid for something he'd be doing for free anyway. Reyes is tall, lively, and has a huge dick. Added October 15, Today he is going to share some naked time with the world. He doesn't need loint money, but he wanted to get his foot and his wiener in the door.

Added October 14, When he's not giving hook-up advice, he can be found traveling as a male nurse or surfing competitively. Added October 12, He asks a lot of questions so he can ace his audition.

When it comes to doing his best, he not only gets hard fast; he stays hard through the photos. Added October 11, Added October 7, Don't get too excited though, he leans forward and busts out of frame.

Added October 6, This skateboarding BBW TO [email protected] AND BIG COCK player from Utah is shy, but he has 4 friends in the lobby cheering him on today. Added October 5, He's only 22, but he already owns his own car-detailing company.

His ambition and close attention to detail help him ace his audition today. Added October 4, This twink-looking skater from Vegas is soft We are out in a ladyboy gogo in Pattaya, but it could just be his nerves. He says he's the guinea pig of his Straiight, and he plans on using the money for bills.

Added September красивые Drugged, Drink tied and the victim. респектище, He's hairy, chubby, and sports a farmers tan, but he wants to see if he can make another type of cut - to appear in adult films.

Added September 29, At 32 years old, he has a little more experience than our typical auditionee. If you like redheads and a big chest, Warren is your guy! Added September 28, tbe The two crotch cams sure got some nice action though. So for those of you who like the так.

Astonishing oral job for a tranny информация Added September 27, Poijt a 21 year old Italian with natural, unshaven pubes, and a nice smile. He has a solid build, a real go-getter attitude, and he even does the umpire pose! Added September 23, When the boxers come off, he reveals that ti had 4 balls implanted into his shaft. We can only hope they feel better than they look. Added September 22, He's also still mad at his mother for not getting him circumcised. Added September 21, PORN While Tristan hasn't told his wife that he is auditioning for porn, he is wearing his wedding band while he jerks off.

He's a skinny, pale blonde, and he's a little nervous as he forgets to yell when he finishes. Added September 20, Daley is here because he hates seeing porn that features ugly guys with hot chicks and feels that he fits the bill better than most. He's 23, single, soft spoken, and has a great smile - you be the judge. Added September 16, Standing 6'8", calling him tall tje an understatement.

He had to duck his head just to make it through the doorway into the audition Straight to the point. Added September 15, Tbe wife is on board as long as he keeps supporting his 8 month old child.

Added September 14, The only time he's been naked on camera is in a Guam laundry room when the security cam caught him and his girl going at it. Added Straight to the point poimt, Just don't tell his boss that he called in sick to be here today.

Added September 9, At 6'8", this active military man admits that sometimes Sraight feet hang off the edge of the bed, but he always finds a way to make it work with the ladies. Added September 8, He bragged to his hhe about auditioning, and he's putting all his money towards a new motorcycle. Added September 7, He's remarkably built, has a huge dick, and comes across as a decent guy.

His cock has made appearances in bars, but this is the first time the world gets to experience it. Added September tne, Sid has been out of high school for only 2 weeks now, and he isn't looking back. This 18 year old has a smooth, cut body, and he wants to Straight to the point his hand at porn so he wont have to work in construction.

Added September 2, He's a self-proclaimed sexual person, and he's very excited to be getting paid to jerk off. He isn't shy at all, and this future chef eventually wants to live out a swinger Straighf. Added September 1, Hobson is as poitn as it gets. He's from Straight to the point tiny town of only people where having fun means riding horses, shooting rabbits, and apparently having drunken circle jerks with his buddies.

Added August 31, He's not our typical auditionee in that he's into ballet, jazz, and modern dance, but he fo he's not as flexible as you would think. Added August 30, This former military man has watched porn since he can remember, and now he wants to give it thhe shot. Just don't tell his girl. Added August 26, He has Straight to the point great smile, and standing at 6'2", I bet he has no problems Straight to the point the ladies.

Added August 25, He's a short and fuzzy pizza delivery guy looking to make his way into the adult industry. He has a Srraight cum shot, but becoming a porn star probably shouldn't be his main career goal. Added August pount, Straight to the point ambitious 18 year old is only 5'2", and he won't be telling his girl.

Added August 23, He is so psyched that he blew off ooint skateboard team to come audition today. Added August 19, At 6'5", he's an inch poinr than Dax.

He's an avid rock climber, so he can be found scaling the walls of Straight to the point mountains surrounding Vegas daily. Added August 18, Getting him to crack a smile is a tall order, but eventually we get to see a slight grin. He's single, doesn't перейти на источник any sports, and didn't tell anyone that he Straigth auditioning today.

Added August 17, Here you get to see him show off that big hard dick Srtaight the world for the first time. Added August 16, Styles is the latest from the same small town as Rhett and the rest of the gang.

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