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But experienced kinksters know that subspace is a mental place a submissive, bottom or masochist can go in a scene. What exactly is it, how do you get there, and why would you want to go in the first place? Just getting started with BDSM? In BDSM, subspace refers to that delicious, floaty, blissed-out hepace that a submissive partner sometimes reaches.

It would also be a great name for a kinky club. Written out that way, it sounds like a response to a drug. And in some ways, it is!

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The physical response to endorphins brought on by pain can sometimes lead to subspace. Some people, though, reach subspace without playing with pain at all.

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Instead, they enter an altered state through acts of service, roleplay, or even deep submission. Think of subspace as a room with many different doors — physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. The only requirement is wanting to go in! For some bottoms, getting into subspace is easy — if not unavoidable! For others, it can be a real struggle. A good flogging, subspace kink, or other pain play is a primary doorway for some people. Especially for folks who have trouble letting go of control, stressing the body can handily short-circuit the hamster-wheel of the mind.

A long, slow buildup of pain can set up an endorphin cascade which, sometimes, can tip you over into subspace. In this state, kinksters often describe having reduced pain sensitivity, a feeling of euphoria, and a release from their worries and cares.

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Submission itself can put a bottom into an altered state. As a scene begins and a dominant gives orders and commands, a submissive can find great joy, relaxation, and serenity in performing service.

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While at first, you might simply kneel when told to kneel and strip when told to strip, as a scene continues, you might get tunnel vision, a slowing of time, and the sensation that the dominant is all that exists and their pleasure is all that matters. This is also a kind of subspace, and might be just as chemical as the physiological kind. In this case, it likely has more to do with a shift subspace kink brainwaves, as the bottom goes from a more alert state into deeper relaxation and flow.

Ritual is a primary human need. Whether a major ritual like a wedding, or a daily ritual like morning coffee, ritualized acts change our consciousness, make us behave differently, or mark beginnings and endings. BDSM can provide a lot of frameworks for exploring ritual, including roleplay scenarios.

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Doing these things to change your external reality can change your internal reality, too. Putting on certain clothing or toys can also be a ritualized act that marks the space of a scene as special. So now that you know what subspace is, why would you want to go there?

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For others, it just feels really, really good. In most cases, it can be an exploration of deep trust between you and your dominant. In fact, it can be difficult to get into subspace without the sense that your dominant is competent, in control, and trustworthy. And that can feel incredibly freeing. As with everything in BDSM, approach subspace with care.

If you want to explore it, or already know that you tend to go there easily, talk about it with your play partner beforehand. A good general rule is that once you reach subspace, the dominant should stop escalating and keep things at the same intensity level or lower. It subspace kink be a beautiful place to visit, and there are many possible routes. But remember to have a trustworthy traveling partner — and enjoy the journey, even if the quest is elusive! Have you checked out PleazeMe. It is a social media platform where adults can be adults.

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Subspace kink

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BDSM Subspace Explained By Someone Who Has Personally Experienced It