Swingers cruises

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You get to enjoy all the same amenities — spas, nightlife, great food — as you would on a vanilla cruise, but you also get the bonus of partnering up with other couples for some seriously sexy swinging fun. Bliss Cruise is very much for adults only. It offers a fun and exciting vacation for sexy adults who want to get away from their kids swingers cruises a while.

Their full-shop charter cruises operate out of Florida and tour ports in sun-kissed countries like Haiti, Jamaica, and Mexico. And — of course swingers cruises there are also swinger parties each night that are always organized the night before. With years of experience organizing swinger cruises, and with cruises that are always full to the rafters with carefree adults, Bliss Cruise is one to check out. Moreover, each couple is typically treated to their very own onboard staff member. SDC Travel is a swinger dating site that runs its own swinger travel portfolio on the side.

This portfolio includes plenty of resort takeovers and full cruise ship takeovers, and all their cruises depart from Athens, Greece. Their swinger cruise ship events are literally of the kind where anything goes. Aimed more at younger adults, there s everything on here, from bikini-clad women, foam parties — and lots of sex. You can download the SDC Travel app for free for 3 days.

Doing so will give you an idea of whether their cruises are for you or not. Couples Cruise is one of the most popular charter companies when it comes to booking a swinger cruise. Their cruises are all about sunshine, azure skies — and lots of naughtiness.

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Also Read: 15 Best Swinger Resorts. Although it might sound obvious, you should definitely bring clothes! You can take skimpy outfits, of course, but make sure to take some proper vacation clothes, too. Make sure to take along your favorite sex toys, too, as well as anything else you can think of that would make sex more adventurous. There are also classes you can attend, such as BDSM swingers cruises. That said, there will be clothing optional things going swingers cruises during the day. A swinger cruise is exactly what it sounds like it is, but there are also bars where you can just go and enjoy a few drinks, before taking in a few evening shows.

The best way to book a swinger cruise is via one of the two charter companies in Florida. Both of these companies are highly reputable charter companies who also deal with vanilla cruises. There are also theme nights, couples massages, nude swimming pools … but — equally — there are also lighter entertainment things, such as comedy shows. Generally, older adults go on swinging cruises. And by older adults, I mean men and women who are aged 48 and over. However, while male and female couples, as well as female and female couples, are accepted, male and male couples will be turned away.

It will just get you into trouble later on down the line! It depends. Some cruises are a mix of swingers and non-swingers, while some are strictly for swingers. This is a question I get asked often, and I can say with a huge amount of confidence that — yes — the boat is VERY clean! What I will say is that swingers — especially those with years of experience — are very respectful of others and are super hygienic in general. In a sense, yes. So any family members you take along must be aged over 18, and they must be totally cool with public nudity.

Honestly, meeting new people on a swinger cruise is just the same as meeting them on a regular cruise, or at a bar. You simply go out, have some drinks, and get chatting to them! Swinger cruises are great places to relax, have fun, meet new people — and, of course, have sex. Hopefully, this article has helped to decide what to do next. Swingers cruises to sail the seven seas for a bit of sex, sex, and … more sex?

Does sex stuff happen all day long? We have to be swingers? How do we book for a Swinger Cruise?

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What goes on at Swinger Cruises? Who Goes on Swinger Cruises? Is the boat clean?

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Are the people clean? Are they family-friendly? How do we meet other couples who are not family?

Swingers cruises

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From playrooms to dressing up, this is what really happens on a swingers’ sex cruise