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It seems that every week the actor is being announced as a cast member in an upcoming film, or series and is adding to her impressive .

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Additionally, the Everything Sucks alum recently started her own production company so that she could be in even more control of her bustling career. In an interview with MTVthe actor revealed that she had other offers to different shows and she was deciding about whether or not to take them or Euphoria. One thing that contributed to Sweeney questioning whether or not she would the cast of Euphoria was the nudity that the show requires.

But, ultimately, the Sharp Objects alum felt that the nudity was realistic rather than done for shock value or entertainment purposes and she decided she would accept the role. While Sweeney was initially nervous about the fact that Euphoria contained nude scenes, she felt good about her decision to do them after the fact.

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In fact, the actor shared that doing the scenes allowed her to gain a sense of confidence. Like, I just, I put myself out there, and I feel the most confident me. Clearly, Sweeney made the right decision for her.

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Sydney Sweeney Shared That Her Nude Scenes in ‘Euphoria’ Made Her Feel Less Self-Conscious