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Having one's nudes or intimate videos leaked can really create a dent in one's perspective, especially if the perpetrator is someone you know and trust. Not only is it an invasion of privacy, but it is also a serious criminal offence. So we've curated a few stories people shared about their experiences with having their nudes leaked.

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Here is what you should do if you ever find yourself in a similar situation. Source: Pinterest Not only is it an invasion of privacy, but it is also a serious criminal offence. A now ex-boyfriend had some underwear pictures of me.

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I had drawn on my body and he wanted to see, so I sent him some pictures. A few weeks later he was on a trip with his sports team and asked me for real nudes.

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He said I didn't have to include my face, just a boob snap or maybe full body. It was in the middle of the night, I clicked the picture, but suddenly had a very bad feeling about it, so he never received it. Next week, my best friend told me that he was showing people my nudes.

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She knew what I drew on myself, so I believed her. Turned out he had some other nudes as well on his phone and claimed that they were mine.

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He said he was drunk and didn't remember anything, so I forgave him. Some people from my class has seen them.

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Now, some years later, I met someone from his team and he told me that the ex was definitely not drunk, he wanted to show off. He was also the one who told my best friend about this so that she could tell me.

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