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Montenegro fined three Ukrainian women euros each for taking a nude photo shoot on a road in the coastal town of Kotor and violating the Law on Public Order and Peace. Police arrested D. He said the fire engine was handed over to the organisers of the race in order to wash the road.

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The municipality has not commented on the event so far. Three Ukrainian girls were fined in Montenegro for an open public photoshoot. On April 8, media reported that 11 Ukrainian women were detained in Dubai and accused of public debauchery over an outdoor nude photoshoot. Video footage posted online showed a group of naked women having their photos taken on a balcony.

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On April 13, Ukrainian model Irina Sotulenko claimed that she was forced to participate in the photoshoot. Montenegrin authorities failed to see the funny side after three Ukrainian women stripped off for a nude shoot on a road near the resort of Kotor, fining them euros each for behaving 'shamelessly'.

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Arrest Montenegrin Police Montenegro. Related Articles.

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March 2, April 17, May 28, Samir Kajosevic. Follow us.

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Ukraine nudes

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