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Unable to load video. Please check your Video:2784 connection and reload this page. If the problem continues, please let us know and we'll try to help. An unexpected error occurred. Issue 50 doi: There has been an erratum issued for this article. Read more …. A simple slot blot video:2784 was developed for the quantification of influenza viral hemagglutinin and neuraminidase using universal antibodies targeting their most conserved sequences identified through bioinformatics analyses.

This innovative approach may provide a useful alternative to quantitative determination of video:2784 viral hemagglutinin and neuraminidase.

Gravel, C. Hemagglutinin HA and neuraminidase NA are two surface proteins of influenza viruses which are video:2784 to play important roles in the viral life cycle and the induction of protective immune responses 1,2.

As the main target for neutralizing antibodies, HA is currently video:7284 as the influenza vaccine potency marker and is measured by single radial immunodiffusion SRID 3. However, the dependence of SRID on the availability of the corresponding subtype-specific antisera causes a minimum of months delay for the release of every new vaccine. Moreover, despite evidence vvideo:2784 NA also induces protective immunity 4the amount of Cideo:2784 in video:2784 vaccines is not yet standardized due bideo:2784 a lack of appropriate reagents or analytical method 5.

Thus, simple alternative methods capable of quantifying HA and NA antigens are desirable for rapid release and better quality control of influenza vaccines. Universally conserved regions in all available videp:2784 A HA and NA sequences were identified by bioinformatics analyses One sequence designated as Uni-1 was identified in the only universally conserved epitope of Vieo:2784, the fusion peptide video:2784while two conserved sequences were identified in neuraminidases, one close to the enzymatic active site video:27844 as HCA-2 and the other close to the N-terminus designated as HCA-3 7.

Peptides with these amino acid sequences were synthesized and used to immunize rabbits for the production of antibodies. All antibodies video:2748 remarkable specificity against the viral sequences as evidenced Shemale Compilation!

Amateur Selfsuck the observation that no cross-reactivity to allantoic proteins was detected. These universal antibodies were then used to develop slot blot assays to quantify HA and NA in influenza A vaccines without the need for specific antisera 7,8. Vaccine samples were applied onto a PVDF membrane using a slot blot apparatus along пост! Tranny watching girlfriend fucking прощения reference standards diluted to various concentrations.

Following the detection of the HA and NA antigens by immunoblotting with their respective universal antibodies, signal intensities were quantified by densitometry. Video:2784 of HA and NA in the vaccines were then calculated using a standard curve established with the video:2784 intensities of the various concentrations of the references used.

Given that these antibodies bind to universal epitopes in HA or NA, interested investigators could use them as research tools video:2784 взято отсюда other than the slot blot only. Preparation of influenza vaccine samples and reference standard for HA video:2784 blot.

The investigators could also prepare their own antigen standards using established procedures as described in references 9 and Preparation of influenza vaccine samples and reference standard for NA slot blot.

The NA content of these reference samples was determined by SDS-PAGE analysis of deglycosylated samples in conjunction with densitometry scanning analysis, vidfo:2784 described previously 9with slight modifications The gel was run at 20 mA for approximately 90 min until the tracking dye just run out video:2784 the gel, followed by Vidoe:2784 staining.

Densitometry quantification of proteins was carried out using a Fluorchem gel documentation system Alpha Innotech. The amount of NA was determined based on the ratio of the NA proteins to the total proteins as determined by Lowry assay. Reference samples prepared using this method can vidwo:2784 be used in slot blot for the quantification of NA contents in vaccine samples from vaccines manufacturers.

Bioinformatics analyses of all available influenza A HA sequences confirmed the N-terminus of the HA2 subunit the fusion peptide as the only conserved region of HA. Figure 1 shows the conservation rate for each amino acid position of the identified consensus sequence. This antibody demonstrated remarkable specificity for viral sequences and is capable of binding to 13 different viddo:2784 of influenza A HA H1-H13 Figure 2. Peptides with these amino acid sequences were used as antigens to generate universal antibodies against NA.

The antibodies against both epitopes were capable of video:2784 to all 9 subtypes of NA and showed very little cross-reactivity to allantoic or cellular video:2784, thus demonstrating high specificity for viral NA sequences Figure video:274.

Figure 5 shows an overview of the slot video:2784 method for the quantification of influenza HA video:2784 NA. Figure 6A and 6C shows representative results after the detection of the HA antigen in an influenza vaccine reference vieeo:2784 and vaccine samples respectively. Each sample standard or vaccine was run in duplicate, in video:2784 wells. Duplicates should show similar intensities following detection. Optimization of antibody dilutions, incubation and exposure time may be required depending on the antibodies used.

An example of a typical standard curve obtained vixeo:2784 the detection of various concentrations of HA from a vaccine reference standard sample is shown in Figure 6B. The concentration of HA antigen is proportional to the signal intensity following chemiluminescence videeo:2784 of the slot blot and fits the 4-PL curve fitting model for this vide:o2784 range 0. Figure 7 shows representative results of the detection of the NA antigen in an influenza vaccine reference standard and in vaccine video:2784. Density analysis showed that the intensity of the signal obtained by detecting the NA antigen in various dilutions of vidfo:2784 vaccine reference standard by slot blot is proportional to the concentration of NA Fig.

The resulting standard curve fits a 4-PL model for video:2874 concentration range 0. Figure 7C shows an example of a slot blot analysis of the NA content in influenza vaccine samples. Each video:2784 was assayed in vieeo:2784, in adjacent wells. Figure 1. Conservation rate of the Uni-1 epitope in the fusion peptide region of video:7284 A HA. Bioinformatics analyses of all available influenza A HA sequences confirmed that the fusion peptide located at the N-terminus of the HA2 video:2784 is the only universally conserved region of HA.

Figure 2. Detection of vieeo:2784 subtypes of HA by universal antibody against HA. NP protein was detected as loading video:2784 using a rabbit polyclonal NP-specific antibody. Negative control - was allantoic fluid from uninfected eggs. Figure 3. Peptides with these conserved amino acid sequences were synthesized and used video:2784 generate universal antibodies against NA. Figure 4. Detection of 9 subtypes of NA by NA antibodies. Figure 5. Flow chart of video:27844 video:2784 blot video:27784 for the quantitation of HA and NA antigens in influenza vaccines.

The buffers needed for sample dilution as well as for washing and blocking the slot blot membrane are first prepared and the PVDF membrane and filter papers needed for assembly of the Bio-Dot SF microfiltration apparatus are pre-soaked. Influenza vaccine and reference standard samples are diluted in the Briceida buffers for HA or NA detection by slot blot.

HA and NA antigens are detected using the universal antibodies against each antigen. Densitometry analysis is performed on videl:2784 chemiluminescence signals obtained for quantitation of HA and NA in the tested samples.

Figure 6. Detection of the HA antigen in influenza vaccine samples and reference standard. Panel A shows a representative blot obtained following immunodetection of the HA antigen. The HA antigen video:27884 then detected using the Uni-1 universal antibody. Panel B shows video:2784 example of a standard curve obtained by detecting signals of various HA concentrations from a vaccine reference video:27844.

The signal intensity is proportional to the concentration of HA and video:2784 curve fits a 4-PL model. Figure 7. Detection of the NA antigen video:2784 influenza viceo:2784 samples and reference standard. An video:2784 of typical chemiluminescence signals viseo:2784 video:2784 a slot blot video:2784 of NA antigen in influenza vaccine samples is shown in Panel C. Dilutions of the corresponding vaccine reference standard, with concentrations ranging from 0 to 2.

The NA antigen was detected with the Video:2784 universal antibody against NA and densitometry analysis of the chemiluminescence signals obtained was performed. The amount of NA in each vaccine sample can be calculated against the 4-PL standard curve obtained by plotting the signal intensity values versus the NA concentration for the vaccine reference standard.

Subscription Required. Please recommend JoVE to your librarian. Video:2784 determination of influenza viral HA and NA are critical for vaccine research and development since these two surface proteins are most video:2784 viral components inducing immune responses Previously reported immunological methods for the detection of these proteins require strain specific antibodies. The simple, reproducible and rapid slot blot method to quantify the HA and NA antigens described here are suitable for all influenza A viral HA and NA proteins since the antibodies recognize their only universally conserved epitopes The sole difficulty for investigators interested in this method might be that they have no such universal videl:2784 in-house.

However, generation of these video:2784 using peptides as antigens is a routine procedure. While interested can make the antibodies themselves according to the procedures described because the variants peptides compete equally well among themselves for binding to the given peptide in a competitive ELISAthey may also contact the authors for video:2784 Vidro:2784 and NA antibodies to be video:284 in their exploratory research.

As far video:2784 the slot blot assay is video:2874 it is rather straightforward, with special attention needed at only a few steps, as described above. Although HA and NA could both be detected in untreated samples, increased sensitivity was achieved by a pre-treatment of samples.

Despite their advantages of simplicity, rapidity and reproducibility, the universal antibody-based slot blot methods described here have certain limitations. In short, the highly conserved sequences in HA and NA have been selected to generate video:27844 antibodies, which can be employed for quantitative analyses of virtually any strains of influenza viral HA and NA. While the detailed slot blot procedure with these universal antibodies against HA and NA is presented here, interested investigators could use them as a basic research tool in other types of immunoassay, given that they demonstrated remarkable specificity against viral sequences without detectable cross-reactivity with allantoic or cellular proteins.

Also of video:2784 is that the universal antibodies against HA can detect HA in native conformation in virus-infected video:2784 cultures 12which highlights video:2784 broader range of applications of these antibodies as basic vkdeo:2784 tools. The authors would like to thank Mrs.

Monika Tocchi for editorial review of the manuscript.

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