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Under The Weather: Bend was, end in WP w ttus Bee was the pa Le e e. In the Californian warm nighttime sky, neon signs and jukeboxes played through the night.

On freshly painted multi-lane roads letterman jackets and homecoming queens, high on pop and nicotine, rode giddily in convertibles that jockeyed for position in lines of snaking cars, whose fins glittered and pierced the nocturnal darkness with luminous tailfins. Pulling into the parking lot, the cars spilled out their occupants, who noisily funneled through wide glass doors. Inside the drive-in diner, customers huddled around tables and devoured chocolate malts while feeding the insatiable appetite of the jukebox, whose yawning mouth never quite had enough coins to eat.

Skirts twirled to the beats and greased haired toughs in rolled-up t-shirts watched from the counter seats, eager to fight and itching for love. It was a peaceful night in the late 50s, a boom time for large art deco cars and cigarettes, music and social hangouts.

Everywhere, people dreamed of brighter futures with new materials, new pastimes, and greater highs. Under the streetlights, shapes darted between parked cars and street signs, their motion blurred in the nighttime air, looking every bit as juxtaposed as they were. Vibrating wheels across pavement whose surface was 8. Between a break of light from oncoming traffic, someone in the back of the pack slipped out, their board shooting out in between cars, its shiny surface glinting from the headlights that quickly bounced off of its gleaming surface.

Everyone stopped and waited as the pilot darted across traffic to rescue their hopefully still intact board, their clothes dusty, elbows and knees torn. It was all about adaptation. Skating first came as the little brother to surfing, one day crawling out of the foaming surf where it flopped around on the beach for a spell, before gaining the rudimentary pieces to try its fate on land.

It knew its place as a logical alternate to its creator, surf. But it was just that, second fiddle to the water sport that encouraged its first baby steps. Steel wheels turning to clay, then morphing into urethane, skating buoyed by the popularity it was receiving, and responded with a finger that was held aloft into the noon sky, the irony.

And with that, skateboarding became its own country, with leaders and spokespeople, businesses and icons. Art deco cars morphed to huge muscular beasts, and AM radio doubted itself as FM emerged from the womb. Still, in the neon red and white interior of the diner, people crowded around booths and tables, the ruckus of their excited chatter still as intense as it had been years before, their faces still youthful as their laughter rose above the music, each taking turns sipping from coke floats and large milkshakes.

To their riders, they are extensions of their limbs, customized and dreamt about, cherished and loved. From embryo to acceptance, in such a small amount of time. What an adaptation skateboarding had undergone. The Billions hoody features a full back zip so you can mix and match colors and patterns of your hoody any way you want. The billions hoody is available exclusively at your local skate shop. Before our interview in Color 4.

He must have been an easy guy to hate though. Thanks Chef! Publications mail agreement No. Color Magazine reserves the right to make mistakes and will do so on a bi-monthly cycle without liability. No part of this magazine may be reproduced in any form [print or electronic] without permission from the publisher. The publisher of Color Magazine is not responsible for errors or omissions printed and retains the right to edit all copy.

The opinions expressed in the content of this magazine do not necessarily reflect the views of Color Magazine. Color Magazine reserves the right to accept or reject any advertising matter which may reflect negatively on the integrity of the magazine.

Please provide a return envelope with postage with your submissions. Color Magazine is published by fourcorner publishing inc. Subscriptions can may be ordered individually or in bulk by retailers for resale. Contact Color Magazine with any subscription inquiries or visit us online: We needed somebody who understood what we were trying to do.

A stylist living and working in Vancouver. Wait, Canada has fashion magazines now? With any help from Miss Lewis here, we do! I just wish we knew the titles. Ben transplanted himself to Vancouver following his graduation from the illustration program at Sheridan College Toronto in His art has been displayed internationaly in galleries, magazines and newspapers - predominantly at BLK MRKT gallery in at his first solo show.

Check out his work on the Mickey Avalon interview. One night while skimming through Amazon. What grabbed me was how great the cover was, after finding out that this great cover contained 70 years of even more amazing covers and a great behind the scenes on a lot of them, If you are a complete nerdlinger like me and enjoy graphic design, typography or even reading about the crazy history of this British company, then it may be the right time to ante-up and order this page masterpiece.

It is well worth the purchase, that is if I knew what it sold for. If you are like the rest of the world and love to own things in limited edition production, then this is your day. There are only copies of the book in print and each book is signed by Reda himself. Over the years I have become rather jaded and harsh, rarely seeing a book that blows me away, much like a junkie trying to emulate his first high.

When I first received this book from the FedEx guy, it put an immediate smile on my face. This book is a classic mythological menagerie, comprised only of creatures that were thought at one time to actually exist.

Generally a book this well designed and packaged has got to let me down in the content department right? This book looks as if it belongs from the vaults of a 12th century Vampire hunter. It is unfortunate that with its subtle Christian undertones dedication to Jesus Christ, etc. Despite this oversight, it is a book, whose weight any coffee table would be honoured to bear. Pyramid Power is everything good about art school without any of the bullshit.

It also looks like a million bucks but only costs six. If Canada wants to hold onto its international reputation, we must abandon fossil fuels and hydroelectric dams. The hell with cold fusion. Free range, grain fed Pig Jaguar Bearings. Marinated in bouillon, seared, then barbequed lightly to lock in flavor. Served on a fresh Kaiser, with cheese and seasonal vegetables. Accompanied with pomme frites. Natural ingredients like cotton, canvas, and gum rubber combine to form a light, durable taste.

Served on a freshly baked baguette and topped with home made mayo, tofu-bacon and sharp cheddar cheese. Wild game farmed Ruckus leopard print trucks. Deviled slightly with Tabasco and cayenne, and slow cooked for a smooth head turning flavor. Served on focaccia bread, and garnished with proshuito and cheese. Accompanied with pomme frites, and served on a bed of lettuce. A meal for the more adventurous. Served on deli style focaccia bread, this medium-rare Spanky Birdscope deck is accented and nicely coupled with garden fresh tomatos and canadian back bacon.

Sharpening the mouth watering sandwich is our organic cheddar chesse, romaine lettuce toped with a small amount of dijon. At a mere 7 ply, it is sure to please even the most discrimanate weight watchers. Organic textured Nike belt. Served piled high with local organic vegetables, all on a bed of lettuce.

A light unassuming pick me up, yet will hold you up for hours. Grilled lightly to achieve texture, charred on outside, yet light and succulent on the inside.

Served on a bed of lettuce, and accompanied by apricot soup. Fresh, open water wild Pig Wheels. Poached lightly with butter and dill, garnished lightly with bacon, served on a bed of lettuce and organic lemon. A smooth and natural lunch. Irregular Regulars features 20 small to larger-format colour photographs culled from concerts, successfully presenting familiar McGinley tropes while illustrating the fervent, legendary devotion that fans continue to hold for the front-man of The Smiths.

With this series of photographs, McGinley performs the double act of removing himself from his close-knit community of friends and usual subjects, instead stepping into a broader community of Morrissey fans and followers. The hazy, colour-saturated images variously present candid portraits of awestruck fans contrasted against abstracted overhead crowd shots.

The devotees are bathed in otherworldly light, which, within the logic of fandom, must surely be cast by none other than Moz himself. In Untitled Morrissey 15 , one female spactator becomes an ethereal portrait, captured within a moment of quiet adoration. In another instance, McGinley voyeuristically catches a fan in the throes of an almost sexual pleasure; eyes closed, sweat beading on his forehead, mouth agape. In the rare depictions of Morrissey himself, he is dramatically silhouetted in light, evocative of the quasi-religious phenomenon he has become.

Unfortunately, and rather inexplicably, McGinley seems to have omitted the most fascinating of all the Morrissey followers — his devout Latino audience.

No exploration of Mozfandom can be complete without reference to the puzzlingly zealous connection that Latino audiences in the southwest United States hold toward the singer. Each has designed 1 or 2 styles that are a reflection of the things that inspire them, from thrift store finds to current fashion trends.

Look for the line to be out in Spring, Next Show: If you think you can roll with the best of em please send in a piece using p.

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